Nov 1, 2012

Sweet Frustration

How can I count the ways.... you love me?  I can't.  How can I express this overflowing well of adoration and I don't even have the words...this emotion, this love, this gratitude, this...this.... I don't have the words!!!  How can I ever tire of being in your presence, I can't!  How can I ever express in completeness the affection of my heart!  I can't.

Your presence overtakes me your joy fills me up to overflowing and my eyes will not dry up.  These tears just pour out of me, in your presence.  I can't comprehend it.  I am broken before you and this flesh cannot withstand your glory... I am crucified in your presence and I am brought to my knees, weak and feeble, shaking and trembling... in your presence!  But I remain, I remain, because your love, your presence, your glory is the sweetest I have ever or will ever know.

Father, give me the words to praise you properly, give me a song that can express to you fully what I feel, what I want to convey but have no words to express.  Your love, your love, I can't describe it, I can't comprehend it, but I am addicted to it, held captive by it...  keep me a prisoner here in this place for all eternity - allow me to be at your feet...  I feel like a broken vessel and all that is within is flowing out and I am emptied, keep refilling this heart of mine, but allow me to continuously praise you - I can't get enough, I can't express enough, I can't sing enough, cry enough.  I cannot bow low enough, I can't!!!

I don't know what it will be like the day I see you face to face, but even among all the treasures of heaven, all the riches of your kingdom, I want nothing more than to be free to praise you purely, to be at your feet - day and night 24/7...  I want nothing more.

This life is full of distractions, my mind and my sinful heart lead me astray, but you draw me near, and allow me to be in your presence... how can this be...  Make me clean Father, so that I can come closer, be closer, to step into the Holy of Holies, and allow me to be caught up to be enraptured and lost in you.  Its all I want!!!

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