Nov 20, 2012

To Be With You

This morning, Lord, I just want to be with you. To be at your feet, and soak in your presence. Some days my heart grows weary, some days I falter, and I wonder how can you, how can you continue to call out to me. Your mercy, is overwhelming and I struggle, ache even at the inability to give back to you in words, in song, in worship, in complete and utter adoration for what you have done in my life. How can you love me so? I cannot comprehend it, I simply cannot, but I accept it, with an over joyed heart, and humility that isn't humble enough. I cannot bow low enough, I cannot sing enough, pray enough.. it is unending and my heart sometimes feels like it will just break into a million pieces, being so full. You have given it all, and yet you continue to give, how can this be? I don't comprehend this great love, I only have seen and felt a small fraction of what and who you are. You bring revelation and each time its like experiencing another facet of your majesty. I ache, yearn, thirst for a way to worship you that would convey what you place in my heart. But yet, I find myself still wanting ...still wanting to say it over and over again, how much I adore you, how humbled I am by you, how absolutely broken I am in your presence. Thank you for turning this dark heart toward you, that it would be transformed and made new again and again. I pray you continue to the point that I would be completely and totally lost and hidden in you. That nothing of me, would exist and only you, your words, your heart, your love, mercy, forgiveness and grace would be seen and felt by all those that see me, that they would see you. For Great is Your Name, and You, and You!!! Are worthy, worthy, worthy to be Praised!

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