Apr 19, 2014

SoulPancake Presents: Dream Tree

Herbie Hancock - Don't give up (feat. P!nk and John Legend)

Awesome version by Pink and John Legend.

So I am writing a book....

Its been in my heart and on my mind for years.  The time is right and I am committed.  Where it goes who knows, how long it takes, who knows... but its something I must do, I am compelled to do.  I am so honored and privileged, humbled and excited to be able to tell the story of how God has set me free and continues to this day.  When you fall in love with Him, even just a little, you are compelled to express it in any way you can.  And what greater honor is there, what greater joy is there than to express your love for another through a song, a book, a musical piece, a painting.  Some of the greatest accomplishments made by man were driven through a compelling desire to express love.

We have so many ways to do just that.  Mine will be writing.  It is my great hope that He will be glorified and honored through the pages that contain the story He has written upon my heart.

An excerpt:  (I had just finished attending a sermon and had been noticing how the people danced with joy and had come home.  I was laying in bed contemplating...)  “God if you are really who I hear people say you are and what I have read in the bible, then I can talk to you directly and you want to hear from me.”  I thought about that again a few times and then I decided, I will just ask you what I want to know.  I can do that.  So I did.  I had faith and really didn’t give it much more thought and I said:  “God what did those people have that I don’t, where do they get all that joy and excitement from?”  And I tell you the truth – just as my momma told me when I was a kid, Who God was and is…  I heard His voice as clear as a bell in my thick noggin and this is what He said:  “Tim you were focused on their method rather than their source”…. WOOOHOOOOOOO!  WOW…  I was shocked, I was silent, I was in awe of what I just heard, not only because He answered, but the pure and simple truth of His answer.   An answer that has shaped my journey from that point forward.  A truth I will always try to live by because it makes all the difference, ALL the difference!  You see that night I was more focused on the way people were dancing, and the methods they were using. I was focused on the words they were saying, and how they held up their hands.  I gave no thought to why they were doing what they were.  But when God answered me, in that moment, in that split second He became alive and real to me. All the stories I had ever heard, all the prayers that were ever prayed, all the times I wondered who He was – in that instant, in that quiet moment – He was made alive and real and will be in my heart forever more!  He is real, He is real!  I kept thinking… You are real!  You heard me and answered!  I was not even in despair, I was not begging you for something, I simply just had a question and I never for a moment thought you’d answer, and never could have imagined the impact that simple answer would have on my life.  His answer has been saving me moment by moment, hour by hour ever since.  Because it was His answer that pointed me back to Him, it was His answer that shown a light down a dark, pot holed, crappy road that I needed to get off of!  His answer was Himself, the One who was, who is and is to come!

Apr 18, 2014

Hillsong - To Know Your Name - Saviour King (HD)

Apr 7, 2014


Apr 6, 2014

Rise of the Blood Moon Tetrad: Part II (of IV) (+playlist)

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