Nov 26, 2009

Books for Sale!

I am getting ready for yet another move, downtown Asheville and will be simplifying my life a bit. First thing in order is to get rid of some of the books I have been hanging onto for quite sometime. I have just begun adding them to Half.Com and only have 14 listed at this time. Some are personal interest books ranging from religious and spiritual topics to text books I have purchased over the past few years. You can get great deals at Half.Com, so don't ever pay full price. Check it out!
You can see all of my books here "Tim's Book Sale".

Nov 14, 2009

"Poison and Wine"

Nov 13, 2009

The Grove Arcade

What a busy week! No posts for a while, life seems to get busier by the minute but I am excited to say I will be moving downtown Asheville, right in the middle of it all... at The Grove Arcade! Its all a bit intimidating and so much to do right here during the holidays.

If you are in Asheville be sure to visit..plenty of retail shops, good restaurants and I can't post this article without mentioning Sante's Wine Bar! Great place to relax have some good (inexpensive wine) and be in good company!