Sep 20, 2007

Christine's take on Forgiveness

With her permission, I have posted the last paragraph of a recent entry Christine Kane posted on her very own blog you can find here.

The recent post was titled "How to Forgive Someone" and well worth your time spent to read. Please click on over to Christine's blog at the above link or the ones you find to the right of this page and be enlightened, entertained and above all, inspired.

And she writes......
"There are obviously many paths to forgiveness. That was one path for me. The question of how to forgive someone can only be answered by each person who chooses to forgive. Forgiveness is an act of creativity. As such, it will have nuances and lessons that could only come through its creator. For a while, it may feel messy. It may feel ugly. But as Caroline Myss says on one of those tapes, 'You have this choice: to get bitter, or to get better.'"

Sep 13, 2007

Whats in DNA?

Those of you who know me, are familiar with my obsessive fascination with DNA and all the research and discoveries that have taken place over the past few years. I can assure you that fascination is as strong as ever. And, it is articles such as the one you see here
that reignite that fervent interest.

This information if you read it and comprehend it, supports the science behind prayer. In a book I recently read by Gregg Braden, he asks Tibetan Monks, the secret in their prayers. Their reply was something along the lines of "we become the prayer". In "Messages from the Water".. author, Masaru Emoto details an experiment conducted using prayer to purify a large body of water, in this case one of the most polluted lakes in Japan. His research even goes further to study water/ice crystals and the effect certain words, melodies or music has on the shape and formation of the water molecules.

This article is really a MUST READ... again you can find it here .

Take time to read it and all the books you have read recently such as "The Power of Positive Thinking", "The Secret" , "What the Bleep Do We Know", etc...will become crystal clear.

The implications of this research are so far reaching and almost incomprehensible. Please do yourself a favor, read it!!!

Remember 09-11-01?

Today, as I was stopped in traffic waiting for the light to change I noticed one of the ECU transit buses about to cross the intersection. Nothing unusual, out of ordinary. But then there it was on the overheard marquee that is illuminated typically with advertisements, or where the bus is heading.... "Remember 09-11-01". My internal reaction was probably unlike most. For a second I was jolted back to the day. At the time I was working for a large healthcare compay as long term care A/R manager. My office was inside one of the long term care facilities and there were resident rooms nearby typically with a television that was on 24/7. I watched it "live" as the second plane crashed and I knew without any doubt the buildings would come down. That afternoon on my way home, traveling Hwy 40 East in Greensboro, where I lived at the time... I noticed military helicopters patrolling the air, near many airplane fuel tanks. I remember calling my dad, wanting to know where he was and that all was ok. For a brief time it seemed like the world was at war and the U.S. was right in the middle of it.

Then it hit me. I was screaming inside. "How can I freaking forget 9/11????!!!!" How can I freaking forget all that has changed since. What about the Patriot Act, what about the constant and consistent infringement upon my rights as a U.S. Citizen, how can I forget the bullshit that was shoved down our throats as a reason to go to war, that continues to rage? How can I forget?

Granted, before I go to far down this path, let me say I have a great deal of compassion for all the innocent victims of such a terrible crime, whether it was one or five thousand. If anything I want to remember who was left behind, the empty space that is left when you lose someone, that I am quite familiar with. My heart is with them all.

So no offense to ECU's transit system for choosing to remember 9/11/01 - but rather than remember the "day" remember the people who lost their lives, and the ones who freely gave theirs trying to save others. Remember the families that were left behind. Add to that the continual lives both innocent and not, that are continuing to be lost. And don't just remember OUR troops, remember the innocent lives of other countries that we are destroying for the cause that has been so publicized, marketed, and propagated.... which is? I am not sure anymore... was it because of weapons of mass destruction? Oh thats right... Its been so confusing these last few years. The real reason or the reasons for this continual war seem to change. But it doesn't matter now does it? Just as long as I "Remember 09-11-01"

I was amazed, as the light changed and I crossed the intersection, continuing to stare at the marquee... amazed that we truly are like little sheep, following whatever we are bombarded with, rallying behind someone else's cause and choosing to believe all that we see and hear.

What really frightens me, is that as much as we "remember 09-11-01", we forget about the thousands of people that die each year from medical errors, from the common flu, while also forgetting the shortage we have for vaccinations because we for whatever reasons can't produce enough. But we can afford to spend millions daily on a war. Do you remember the children that are murdered each year, the number of women that are abused or raped every hour? No you don't... you can't bring that fateful day back to the forefront of your mind, because its EVERYDAY...and because that isn't 'marketed" and shoved down your throat it doesn't become seared into your consciousness - like 9/11/01.

No I won't forget, but at the same time I will remember, that I have a brain and consciousness of my own and I will use it to remember all that the mass media and those that rally behind them, fail to bring to light, fail to acknowledge and so calculatingly overlook.

Unfortunately, today, the events of 9/11/01 pale in comparison to all that it has caused. And each time I turn on NPR, or the news and all I hear about is war, I remember. Yes, every time I read the paper, or peruse the net stumbling across a snippet of a veteran's blog, or catch a glimpse of a camel spider bite, I remember.

I remember.

Sep 6, 2007

The Sinner's Prayer

I've been saying for years, Salvation as taught by traditional Christianity, does not come with saying the "Sinner's Prayer"... ok ok I know alot of you will disagree because its been seared into your consciousness, but I still had to repost this (with permission)...believe what you will, but I can assure you if Salvation was a easy as repeating something someone else says and even comprehending it... wouldn't we or shouldn't we have this set up at every drive through window? I mean.. thats what much of modern day Christianity is about... fast, conveinent and cheap. It's a multibillion dollar industry and you the consumer are being fed junk food. But thats what many are seeking, a quick fix - just remember, you usually get what you pay for.

Article below:
by Pastor Ray Baumann.

Attention all churches! This is an information recall on the sinner's prayer that has been repeated over and over again for the last 100 years. This recall is an effort to repent before God for negligence in evangelism and to prevent more damage by producing more false converts. For years churches thought that all a person had to do was repeat a prayer to be saved. The "sinner's prayer" is not found anywhere in the New Testament, nor is there a single instance ofany sinner directed to pray for their salvation. In churches of all denominations, it is rare for people to mourn their sin. Instead, churchgoers are encouraged to just believe and repeat a prayer, which is meant to signify that they've accepted Christ as their personal savior.

The sinner's prayer goes a little like this:"Repeat after me, Jesus I now confess to you all of the wrong and sinful things that I have ever done in my life. I ask that you please forgive me and wash away all of my sins by the blood that you have personally shed for me on the cross. I am now ready to accept you as my personal Lord and Savior. I now ask that you come into my life and live with me for all of eternity. I now believe that I am truly saved and born again." Just believing in Jesus doesn't make you a Christian, just like believing in Osama Bin Ladin doesn't make you a terrorist. It is not a belief that recognizes someone's existence in history either, because even the devil believes in Christ. "You believe that God is one, you do well; the demons also believe, and shudder," James 2:19. It's abelief that changes who you are from the inside out.

This recall is exposing churches that make light of repentance and claim it is the same as faith, or redefine it so that it has nothing to do with sin. The sinner's prayer is not the Biblical pattern for evangelism. Churches that use this technique are following a manmade formula. Throughout history, Bible preachers and prophets have always proclaimed repentance. After extensive study and research it has been discovered that repeating a prayer does nothing. As a result, this recall will affect millions of churchgoers that have a false sense of eternal security because they have been affirmed by the local church for taking this action. We have found that repeating a sinner's prayer has no link to salvation in Jesus Christ. People affected by this recall include anyone who has ever attended church, a camp meeting and crusades and/or repeated the sinner's prayer.

As of Aug 31, 2007 there is an unofficial moratorium of the sinner's prayer.

Studies are showing that repeating the sinner's prayer has no saving power, no matter if it was repeated in front of one person or 10,000. No matter who led you in the prayer, whether it was Billy Graham or Bill Clinton, a signed pledge card will not save you. Salvation cannot be found through repeating a prayer. Action must be taken for those who trust their eternity to a repeated prayer to save them from the judgment to come.Effective immediately, every person must examine themselves as instructed in 2 Corinthians 13:5. "Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves; that Jesus Christ is in you unless indeed you fail the test?"Has there been a change in your life?

This recall will be very costly for the church and they may or may not embrace this message. It will be too embarrassing for many churches to find out that the majority of their attendees are unsaved. There will be a clear, defining line between believers and make-believers. Many will continue in cheapening the gospel message that makes a mockery out of Christianity. There is a big difference between thinking you are saved and being born again. Someone who is truly born again identifies with the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for their sin. The debt that they could not pay and an eternal gratitude exists that reprioritizes one's life.

True saving faith (belief) is followed by obedience to the Word of God. It's a dying to self and to sin to protect the new relationship with an Almighty God. A believer's testimony is more than recalling a prayer that was recited. It must recall the events that brought them to the realization of the sin in their life and that theirgreatest need is to be forgiven by repenting and turning from their old life and walking with Christ.

For further self examinations please see 1 John 5.
~ Distributed by

Sep 4, 2007

To be Known

As I was re-reading some of the posts and thinking to myself what others might think as they read... it came to my mind that the reason, once again I started this blog was to be known. I think about the people I have shared this with and who has taken the time even if only a few times to come back and read.

Thank you for showing interest, enough interest to validate me, to acknowledge me and to say just in your actions that you wanted to hear what I had to say, you wanted to know what was on my mind. Even if we don't talk very often. It has value and worth.

Maybe that is why so many people have blogs these days, they simply want to be known. We have placed so much emphasis on whats on the outside that we often times never reach the inside. Everyone wants to be heard, everyone wants to share themselves even if only in thought.

Family... you know the people that are related to you by blood, by marriage. I don't expect them to read it, some I have't even shared it with.. heck some don't even know my phone numbers, much more how to navigate a website, or the patience it takes to read. But its ok, they know a little of both, the inside and outside. It's a wash, a good balance.

Some day, provided Blogger keeps the site going, many of us will be on a different journey or won't be here at all... to continue the rants and raves, the jibberish and deep thought provoking discertations that find their way onto the server..... but we will remain, here in the words, along the length of sentences and bad grammar, weaving in and out through the paragraphs.... here they'll find us somewhere in the past and present all at once....and it will be then, that they will come to know us.


This is actually a portion of an email I sent to a friend this evening...

When I was driving home, something odd struck me in the way the trees were standing there... call me crazy, a lunatic whatever you will.. but I recognized them for once as true living beings. Some are just part of the crowd, others stand out and others are confined to a life along the fume filled freeway, but yet they have dignity because they were chosen for their beauty. It seemed like they were all saying at once "notice me"... "look over here".. They all looked at me, and they all wanted something from me. To be noticed. To be acknowledged. To be validated.

I can relate. People let me down, but maybe my expectations are to high. People are selfish, why shouldn't I be. People can be unforgiving, why? I'm sad, and I don't wanna talk about it. It never helps...really. All the answers I need are right here with me and I'll find them.

I know the truth, but fail to live it some times.

I wonder if the trees ever had Hope.. and what they did with it, where did they project it and what happened when it didn't come to fruition. They just keep living and don't seem to question their purpose.

I'm not giving enough lately, and it hurts. I've been distracted.

I'm tired, weary, and some days I just wanna go home, you know? I just wanna go home.

I feel better now...

Thanks for e-listening... don't respond... just know I'm sharing my heart with you, the good the bad the ugly :-)

(I am glad I wrote about Hope -previous post- while it was fresh - its good to go back and remind our souls what it is, when it's lost).