Apr 27, 2013

Bianca Bondor Testimony- Passion For Truth Ministries

Powerful testimony!  Check out the other video (part 2) of this testimony where Bianca sings the song she wrote "in faith" PRIOR to God delivering her from disease AND giving her a son!!

As it were in the Days of Noah The End is Near prepare spiritually.

Occult Symbols: Boston & Texas Explosions, Dedications, and The Federal ...

To Walk Circumspectly

Good post from Steve Quayle's website.  I have copied and pasted the article here and you can find it also at this link from Steve's site.

The Bible warns us as Christians to “walk circumspectly,” which means in plain English, not to be stupid (a.k.a., willingly ignorant or dumb on purpose).

it is the willingness and intent to be lazy which is bringing the judgement the tyranny on the western world. Sloth is a deadly sin and one of the sins of this age is this mental form of slothness. this is a willing state which is why we who are awake as we call it shake our heads in amazement at these people, what we dont understand is they are not stupid, they are not dumb they choose to be ignorant they choose not to think because to do so means they have to have a social responsibility even if they dont do anything being aware and concerned is being responsible. the bible says with much knowledge comes much sorrow. No wonder we live in the Prozac generation THESE WILLINGLY IGNORANT MASSES know fine rightly what is going on they can see it but in their subconscious mind they have chosen to believe a lie because it means they can live on this earth a little while longer in what they think is ignorant bliss but is actually willfull ignorance. They dont want to believe the truth and this means they know its the truth but they reject it. JESUS SAID HE WAS THE TRUTH, the root of the problem is spiritual. In the same way Jonah was sleeping in the bowels of the ship while a storm raged outside with the sailors above terrified these people can hear the roaring waves, they can feel the ship moving violently but they choose to sleep in slothful slumber. If you ever tried to wake a lazy person up who wants to stay in bed and wont get up they sleep all day and come out in the afternoon when it starts to get dark stay up half the night watching television and then go back to bed in the early hours. the cycle repeats until the person ends up middle aged overweight, depressed and sick he-she still living with his parents, That's a good definition of America throw in prescribed drugs for depression which usually follows such a state and voila. We have a society transformed , of course i am only talking about mental laziness or sloth although the physical definition rings true to much of society as well. anyhow the article it hit it spot on the head the lukewarm are lukewarm because they dont want to be shaken from their slothful slumber the truth makes them uncomfortable, God doesnt comfortable he want's passion Apathy is the antithesis of the whole gospel of jesus christ , christians in america and in the western world used to be hot for GOD now we just go along to get along, we deserve our prisons they have made for us. We made cell's for our minds a long time ago when we stopped searching for truth and embraced the lies, I guess Nothing has changed in 6000 or so years give or take lucifer is still peddling the same old lie, whispering into our itching ears nothing much has changed from the first lie to man in the garden of Eden. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. AUTHOR R.C. MURRAY--WELL DONE HE NAILED THE CAUSE OF APATHY AND STUPIDITY AMONGST BELIEVERS IN NAME ONLY

Apr 27, 2013


Apr 26, 2013

The Day It All Changed

I am sure I will come back and post more... but for months possibly even years off and on I have prayed to God to end an unholy soul tie. Most of everything I have felt completely resisted this, because I have been so connected, so tied to someone for over 14 years.

I realized hearing the news that an old friend had passed away, that life is short and gets shorter by the second. I also realize that time runs out on all of us in one way or another and there is no guarantee that we will ever get a second chance at anything. I have always known that confessing the secrets we hold hostage in our lives, are often times good indicators of dysfunction, problems, broken hearts, relationships - things that just shouldn't be.

This 14 year relationship (if thats what it was) was completely mixed up. I saw in this person my best friend, the one I couldn't live without, but yet the one who never thought more of me to call me a partner a boyfriend, even a best friend. I was just someone who was always in the picture in some way or another. And I take responsibility for that as well, because I always made myself available. I would have done anything for him. He was like family to me I thought. In reality I guess I was more his friend than I was his. I don't know really sometimes, I am still left in a blur of confusion, doubt..

Imagine if someone said to you, in order for you to live you must cut off your two legs and remaining arm without anything to numb your pain and figure out how to stay alive and not bleed to death in the process. If you can accomplish that, then you can live. Would you just immediately forget it and choose death over the chance of life? Well thats what this process has been like.  Only I have chosen a chance at life, true life, eternal life.

I realize this love that I have had all this time, was corrupted, filtered in a sense. But God showed me so clearly over the past few months, that this person was not my project. If you have read my earlier posts you will understand that this person is also a guy. Yes - it was a homosexual friendship/relationship (see I am still not sure what to call it)... and it was wrong. But I think God allowed it all to happen to finally once and for all make it so disgusting and painful that I would want nothing more to do with that way of life. And I don't. It reminds me of the parable of the wheat and tares.... they both have to grow up so they can be easily discerned, and when the time comes, the tares are plucked out and burned. I think God allowed all this to take place so I could see it for what it really is. The connection has been gone for some time, and our friendship basically ended up being a few phone calls here and there, and emails. God has removed so many desires, so many addictions. I am so grateful for that, so grateful.

He has consumed and is in the process of consuming all those things that seek to set themselves against Him, and the knowledge of Him. I am so thankful but it is a very painful process.

I never want this person to hurt, or to be hurt by my actions. But it was necessary to distance myself for both our sakes and unfortunately to share the truth about some things. Because the lie that lived, continued to create problems for all involved. I have to completely let go, if he is ever going to see God, then I must remove myself as an obstacle. No matter the cost to me. I know I have failed miserably in so many ways.

But today - was the day I think it all changed. Its bittersweet, more bitter than sweet. It hurts to know that he thinks I have betrayed him, just like I have been betrayed, but it doesn't make it any better, different, less painful.

We have to be willing to give up everything, and everyone in some cases and let God do what He will in the lives of others, even if they are the closest to us, the ones we love...

I know what love is, because I have come face to face with the One who is Love - and its a love I am not willing to replace, to neglect, to forfeit or ignore ever again. No matter the cost. I just hope and pray that the people in my past, my present and my future will be better able to see that love in my actions, my words, my friendship. I am no longer the person I believed I was, but I am being made new.

My hope is that God will reconcile our lives in some way if not in this life, the one to come.

Today is definitely a day of change. I stepped out of one world into one a little less known. I know He is with me and will guide me... God its all in your hands, you know my heart, you know what is best for everyone, I trust you! Please forgive me of all my sins, for any and everything that was not done in your love. And bring peace and healing to everyone that was involved in so much heartache, pain, confusion, doubt... insecurity. Restore everything that the enemy has taken and corrupted.

And continue to draw our hearts to you Father... we are nothing apart from you. Shine a light into the lives of those who I love, so they would know and understand, reveal the Truth to them, and give them the courage and strength to pursue you.

Apr 23, 2013

The Price of Truth

Sometimes the truth comes at a very high cost - our pride, friendships, emotional pain, rejection, persecution... but in the end, the cost doesn't outweigh the reward - freedom, liberation, clarity, assurance, no guilt, no shame are just a few. Not telling a lie, doesn't make a person honest. If we withhold the truth from others, no matter what it is, we aren't doing anyone any favors. Sometimes we withhold the truth because we fear what it will cost us and thereby we make ourselves deceitful, in essence liars. We withhold truth because we don't want others to be hurt - but in the long run, the lie that lives, regardless if it is ever spoken, will grow to cause more pain than the truth ever will. The pain of lies lingers long long after they are born, but when truth comes, the pain is only for a short while, because it separates us from the lie. Be honest with yourself, for when you are, you will always be compelled to be honest with others.

Apr 13, 2013

WORLD | John Piper on homosexuality | John Piper | April 13, 2013

Excellent article on how true followers of Jesus Christ should treat homosexuals and homosexuality.

WORLD | John Piper on homosexuality | John Piper | April 13, 2013

Apr 12, 2013

All I want and need

Such a beautiful and sincere testimony of her love for Him!

Apr 7, 2013

Apr 1, 2013

Jason Upton - Temptations of Jesus