Apr 23, 2013

The Price of Truth

Sometimes the truth comes at a very high cost - our pride, friendships, emotional pain, rejection, persecution... but in the end, the cost doesn't outweigh the reward - freedom, liberation, clarity, assurance, no guilt, no shame are just a few. Not telling a lie, doesn't make a person honest. If we withhold the truth from others, no matter what it is, we aren't doing anyone any favors. Sometimes we withhold the truth because we fear what it will cost us and thereby we make ourselves deceitful, in essence liars. We withhold truth because we don't want others to be hurt - but in the long run, the lie that lives, regardless if it is ever spoken, will grow to cause more pain than the truth ever will. The pain of lies lingers long long after they are born, but when truth comes, the pain is only for a short while, because it separates us from the lie. Be honest with yourself, for when you are, you will always be compelled to be honest with others.

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