Dec 30, 2015

2016 A Year of Uncertainty?

The year is soon to be 2016 and so much has taken place during 2015 and right up to these very moments. For me personally I have gone through much change, triple bypass in January and subsequent recovery and a struggle (yes struggle) to renew, revive and reenergize my relationship with God. From a third person perspective I can see myself running this race, sometimes in circles constantly jumping track, back and forth. When I am on the right track or think I am, the enemy seems to be tagging right along, constantly pulling and tugging on all the ideals, thoughts and habits that are carnally, worldly and egotistically based. I am growing weary and in my own intellect trip up, get distracted, my brain gets cloudy and my initiative diminishes. It is a struggle some days, many days to pursue the call of Christ, to pursue holiness and righteousness. I am constantly reminded how very blind I am and find myself helpless and weak. God grant me a zeal and a purposeful persistence like I have never had before in the coming, days, weeks, months and year. Continue to purge all the unclean things in my life, my mind, seal my lips that I would only speak love and the truth of who You are! Reveal and remove all things that seek to exalt themselves above You and the knowledge of You. Make me holy Father! Make me clean! Circumcise my heart again and again, bring me to my knees and cause me to have the deepest and desperate desire to be in Your presence always. That I might find wisdom, clarity, peace and direction from Your Holy Spirit, that I would lend my ears, my eyes, my voice and my heart to everything you want to accomplish here on this earth, with my life. That I would be completely and totally submitted to you and that nothing else would matter. This upcoming year I am convinced will bring many great changes among our land, among the nations and among the people of God. For a very long time I knew that a separation was going to take place and I have seen that on so many levels. Lord, count me worthy to be one of your sheep! Such a great purging of people, great division. What a tremendous time we live in! The darkness will grow darker and as a result the light will become brighter. We need this during this time and all days and weeks ahead as so much is taking place on a global scale. So much persecution has taken place and continues on a daily basis all across the planet. The Pope is advocating a uniting of all religions, Damascus was just destroyed Isaiah 17:1, the enemies of Israel have increased and I truly believe we are on the edge of WW III. So many things taking place, that many are not aware of or understand their significance. Lord open our eyes, cause our hearts to turn toward you, to seek Your face! I feel certain the increasing discord among nations, communities, religious sects and races will only increase. Economies are crashing and the impact of that will truly begin to be felt in 2016, such great and unbelievable change is about to take place, I can sense it all and our lives will be forever changed. God draw your people together for such a time as this, that we would have plenty of oil in our lamps, burning bright - a light to all that seek You and the peace, comfort and eternal life offered to us. That we would stand strong, equipping ourselves with the Truth of Your live giving and life changing Word. Draw us into an intimate and dynamic relationship with You! May God Bless Us All!

Dec 28, 2015

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Dec 25, 2015

Just in time for Christmas! I really can't promote this book enough and I am not making a single dime off of it. Its...

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