Aug 6, 2019

Where is the Love?

So much I see on social media about what we should and should not be doing, saying, thinking... I learned a long time ago the poison that spews from the media, and it includes all forms, even here on facebook because the "people" are so easily influenced by what someone else says, or does. Influenced by the propaganda machine that comes in all forms, and its voice grows louder and louder by the moment. No one can really think for themselves. Turn off your damn TV's, stop listening and watching all the BS the enemy spews out of its mouth through everyone around you, on TV and online. Limit your time online and that of your kids, control what goes into your mind and what you take in through your eyes. The only way a human or a nation is changed, is through the transformation of the mind... by the washing of the word... if you believe and seek to follow Christ. We think its "getting bad" now - if you read and study scripture, you will know this is like a Sunday walk in the park compared to what has been prophesied and written and sure to come. Don't be so foolishly surprised and stop crying wolf, when you know full well this is part of the deal. The "hate" we see and witness has its roots in one enemy, for we wrestle not with flesh and blood and as long as the masses keep their eyes on this distraction, the flesh, the right or left, the republican or the democrat, the christian or the muslim, the black or the white, the rich or the poor, the one who carries a gun or the one who doesn't... as long as you fight amongst yourselves, or proclaim to have the answer, without becoming the answer yourself, we lose. All of us. We have yet to learn to live the truth we are so ready to defend - and most are so far removed from the Truth, they really have no clue what it is they are fighting for... Faith without works is dead, i.e. it is no faith at all. Some will one day rise above the petty disagreements and snowflake sensitivities, and others will continue to die and decay in their disillusion and then wonder what in the hell happened when the "fat lady sings", and the show is over. So so many are so deeply entrenched in lies they never saw coming, do not realize they are a part of and unwittingly promote because they have failed themselves to seek the truth, to know the truth - to busy fighting for their own sense of identity and crying over spilled milk. Bitching and complaining about whats not right in their world, usually caused by their own hands, minds and mouths. We are a gluttonous, murderous, evil and depraved nation and for anyone to say otherwise is a liar. The enemy we are battling is not the nosey neighbor, the pedophile priest or the grand governments of this world. When the change we seek to have starts with us on our knees seeking God, rather than the world's approval or accolades, followers or friends, then and only then will change come. When we realize on a very real and personal level what repentance is and cry out for a repentant heart, then and only then will change start to take place. We are an ignorant, unrepentant, unwilling, proud, arrogant and evil people. No maybe you the one reading this isn't all that, but collectively we live in one of the most evil and depraved nations that exists on this planet and if you think otherwise, your head is fully submerged in that cesspool of lies and excrement the enemy has been feeding us for centuries. (We produce or host more pornography than anywhere else in the world, more than 60% of all the world combined and we are in the top 10 of the countries performing abortions). The enemy goes about like a roaring lion seeking to devour.... likewise he is setting off bombs, starting fires and creating chaos and instead of our turning to God in repentance, we run to the commotion like maggots to rotting flesh, promoting it, telling the world about it, analyzing it, wallowing in it like filthy pigs ready to consume it all until we are bloated and about to bust. There is truly only one answer to the woes of this world, and if the small minute amount of common sense we have is used to humble ourselves, repent and turn from our wicked ways and toward God, then maybe, just maybe He will hear from heaven and began to heal us and prepare us for what is to come. Ok thats my annual rant. I will go back to feeding the raccoons. :-)