Nov 27, 2013


Today I am thankful for the liberation that Truth brings.

Approximately 1 year ago today - for 5 consecutive days, there was a type of silence, a span...that let me know a storm was coming in my personal life.  It was God's way of saying "the time has come"... The silence spoke of a truth I didn't want to accept, to acknowledge.

For many years a battle waged within my mind and manifested itself in my life.  Most of my adult life. The maturity of many bad seeds had reached their height, the bad fruit was about to be harvested and destroyed by a God I had come to know, love and trust.

Seeds of influence and innuendo, lies.

I was a prisoner in my own flesh and I desired such liberation even if it killed me.  My mind was being renewed and I knew the difference, I knew the truth.

It was a painful process to observe and even more painful to experience.  But I am thankful, I am free.

The silence still speaks an eternal truth that continues long past the crashing, clanging sound of the chains being broken. Even that faded into silence.

Thank you God for setting me free, and silencing the voice of the accuser, the one who told me lies, the one who sought to destroy me and keep me bound.  Thank you for liberating my soul, my mind, my body, my spirit... You set me free! You set me free!

When there is silence, truth is being revealed...over and over again, the question is are we listening?
When we ourselves are silent, do we realize the depth of truth that is being spoken?

Reminds me of this song by Jason Upton...

Thank you God for everything!

Nov 26, 2013

All Sons and Daughters Live Album - All Glory / Nothing but the Blood (l...

Nov 16, 2013

Dr. Albert Lemmons - Hearing the Voice of God

I recently ordered 14 audio CD's from Calhoun Church in Calhoun, LA.  These consist of Dr. Albert Lemmons' teaching on "Hearing the Voice of God" and also a Prayer Enrichment Workshop.  Dr. Lemmons lives in Franklin, TN where he serves as Associate Minister for the 175 year old Fourth Ave. Church of Christ.  In 2002, Dr. Lemmons was appointed as a National Senior Advisor to the Presidential Prayer Committee.  You can learn more about Dr. Lemmons and access some of his work, publications at his website

I wanted to post a few tidbits of info as I took notes listening to the first three of these discs, some are direct quotes from Dr. Lemmons.  I highly recommend this material for any serious student of the scriptures.  You can contact Calhoun Church at their website

I will continue to post quotes and/or portions of my own notes as I continue this very in depth, exciting and enlightening study.

Prayer is the essence of our spiritual life.  When the human spirit is detached from what is greater than itself, the good becomes bad, order becomes chaotic.  What holds the inner life together, its not just to know about God, even to know Him, but to be known by Him.
There is no substitute for prayer.  It is more than a light before us, but a light within us.  It’s a dialogue, a conversation between friends. 

The Voice goes into the heart… we are not changed by what we know… but what the holy spirit causes you to become! 

What we read with our eyes goes into our mind… but what we hear by His spirit/His voice goes into our hearts and is what transforms us.

Loneliness cries out for God’s presence.  Our lack of hearing his voice, accounts for so much of our unhappiness

Noise –both sight and sound signifies a presence… having someone around.  People’s heart and emotions cry out for the presence of someone or something.  We are hardwired to desire the presence of another being.  Noise is one of satans greatest substitutions.  This is why worship is so important.  Worship is who God is and praise is what He has done.

Your mind is flesh, your heart is spirit… you can’t worship God with your mind, you can only worship Him with your spirit.  He says we must worship in Truth and Spirit.

Nov 15, 2013

Jason Upton Live at WSF

Nov 1, 2013

Annunaki Nephilim Ancient Astronauts NEW INFORMATION MUST WATCH NOW!!!

In keeping with my study group's theme - this presentation is simply awesome! In my near death like experience - one of the most profound and overwhelming aspects was the sound I heard. This was coming from billions probably trillions of "beings of light".. i.e. angels - it was the most beautiful music I will likely ever hear. It was simply coming out, emanating out of their inner most part. Somehow I knew that I knew that it was this music/sound coming out of them that literally kept them lifted up, suspended. I also knew (if it were possible) if they became silent, they would fall. I came across this video today - 20 some years after I had the NDLE - and it reaffirms what I saw, confirms what I thought, and solidifies my faith even more!