Nov 1, 2013

Annunaki Nephilim Ancient Astronauts NEW INFORMATION MUST WATCH NOW!!!

In keeping with my study group's theme - this presentation is simply awesome! In my near death like experience - one of the most profound and overwhelming aspects was the sound I heard. This was coming from billions probably trillions of "beings of light".. i.e. angels - it was the most beautiful music I will likely ever hear. It was simply coming out, emanating out of their inner most part. Somehow I knew that I knew that it was this music/sound coming out of them that literally kept them lifted up, suspended. I also knew (if it were possible) if they became silent, they would fall. I came across this video today - 20 some years after I had the NDLE - and it reaffirms what I saw, confirms what I thought, and solidifies my faith even more!

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