Aug 25, 2012

Adonai!! - Paul Wilbur

I Exalt Thee - Jesus Culture

This was playing on my apple itunes while cleaning.... and I just had to stop what I was doing. God I am so humbled by your grace, your mercy. I deserve none of it. But I am so thankful, that by your grace, you make yourself known, that you draw us near and provide peace when it seems peace can't be found. In this process of liberation from sin and sickness, uncertainty and at times, despair - hold me captive in your love, your wisdom, your knowledge - take me higher into the secret place, that I might be continually transformed by all that you are!

Aug 11, 2012

Remind Me Who I am - Jason Gray

Break Me

Oh Father... I am overwhelmed by this great love. I am humbled and my eyes flow with tears as I think of how much you love me. Its incomprehensible. I want to feel what you feel, hurt when you hurt, and love like you love. I want my heart to break for what breaks yours. Break me Father - I want to experience what you felt on your way to Calvary, I want to understand the depth of your compassion and mercy. I want to feel like you felt that day. Break me - so that all of 'me' is no more, so I would no longer get in the way with selfish things, and vain teachings or prideful intellect, break me Father. Expose my heart and rip the veil from my eyes, so that it can be made pure and holy. Allow me to die with you and move beyond the cross, so that you may be resurrected again and again through my life, my words, my thoughts - every part of me. Reveal your heart to me Father, by breaking mine.

Aug 10, 2012

Times of Testing - more confirmation

I recently have written about purging and division, which comes with testing I believe. Glynda Lomax at Wings of Prophecy also gave words from God which was reposted here last night. Again today I have come across some additional words from GodsFinger/blog confirming the same. These are all saying the same thing.. Please take heed, I firmly believe we are entering into not only times of testing, but unprecedented upheaval from all fronts: economically, spiritually, physically.. there will be no aspect of life as we know it left untouched. Many of you (including me) have bargained with God, have put off what we thought we could always do tomorrow, lulled to sleep with visions of a happy American life, as we have been taught to believe, but the time has come for decision. We are in fact, in the valley of decision. Joel 3:13 says "Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision - For the Day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision!" Must we covet our sinful pleasures to our eternal death? NO!! Check out this prophetic word from Godsfinger by clicking here And after you have read that, please consider the times we are in, and the call that I know God is sending you now. What do you have to lose by believing in God? Sure you must sacrifice a life of sin which only provides temporary pleasures and ultimately enslaves you - separating you from God. But the eternal Salvation that comes only through the Blood of God's only son, Jesus Christ, is worth that sacrifice - besides He laid down His life for you! yes YOU! The one reading and the one facing the decision...its the most important decision you can ever make. Please make that decision today!!! Do you want to be saved? Do you want eternal life? Do you want peace, guidance, direction, comfort and revelation for this time we are living in? Then submit yourself today to God and confess your sins, acknowledging God and that you are nothing without Him. John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should NOT perish but have eternal life." If you make that decision today you must also repent of your sinful ways and get into His word, meditating on it day and night. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and start to live a victorious life!

The Heavenly Sign of Joseph

Excellent presentation by Rob Moore, from This is part 5 of a series and I highly recommend this presentation. To watch the presentation, please click here. Be sure to expand the video to full screen to watch.

Aug 9, 2012

Your Word

Thank you God for your Word!!! It really is a light unto my path!! Everything you have said about your Word is true! It is like sweet nectar, salve for a wound, manna from Heaven. Water that quenches my thirst, and rest for a weary soul. It is peace for my trembling heart. Music to my ears! It sets me free and finds me more captive to your Great Love!! Your Word is eternal and it gives me Life! It renews, restores, refreshes and reveals!!! Thank you God.

Wings of Prophecy - Blogtalk Radio

I highly recommend this show. Glynda has fresh revelation and words of wisdom. Tonight's show, regarding "testing" and this "new time of testing" was right on time for me personally. You can listen to the archived shows. These are excellent shows and this revelation is such good "food" for your spiritual walk with God.

Aug 2, 2012

Yield Now and Be At Peace

I am sharing this from a fellow blogger, excellent!

Confirmation of Purging - Spiritual Earthquake

I continue to get confirmation after confirmation of what God is speaking during this hour, regarding the purging and division that is now taking place. This first came to me in the dream/vision I had regarding the Church of Laodicea. You can read about that by clicking here. This Spiritual Earthquake, prophesied in this post really is a clarion call to all those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. This is very timely, and supports what I have been posting about for a while now. View the post here.

Open our eyes!

Today we post back and forth, we occupy this or that, we pickett we ban, we boycott, we fight amongst ourselves and the tensions continue to grow. Its all suppose to happen, this great division is suppose to happen. But I ask other so called Christians.... will you have time to fight this war, when someone is begging to be fed, to be clothed? Will you say to a starving child, "wait a while, I need to go post this or that, I need to go march around the federal building because someone isn't "recognizing" who I am". No, sit out here in the rain and storm, while I go file a petition to stop that homosexual from building his home or his establishment in my town. And when God asks us... what did you do for my children? Imagine what it sounds like when you say: I signed a piece of paper, I stopped someone from conducting business in my town, I held up a sign, I voted for the right person, I stopped someone from being reelected, I did all these things...Lord. Then He says, yes but all my children died - some from starvation, others from being out in the cold, and others from continued neglect, a broken heart. You know we haven't even begun to realize what its like in third world countries, if we did know, I doubt very seriously we'd be fighting like we do. There are so many people right here in our own country who are homeless, who need help, who need love, who need to be fed, who need medical care... what are we doing about it? How are we showing them the Love of God? I am writing this more for my own benefit.. The day is coming, when we will have to answer for this. God please open our hearts, turn our hearts toward the things of YOU!! Let us be a part of ending the suffering that we know so many are experiencing, and I am talking really suffering...not because their ego's are bruised... I mean WHO REALLY GIVES A FLIP ABOUT MARRIAGE or ABOUT YOUR EQUAL RIGHTts when there is someone dieing on the street because they haven't eaten (TELL ME WHAT IS EQUAL ABOUT THAT???) and a block over tons of food are being thrown out because we waste and waste and waste.. LIKEWISE, I really can't care about the PROTECTION OF MARRIAGE for the very same reasons... I mean come on people, get your freaking priorities right... just as I attempt to.. We are about to be shaken to our very core, and all anyone cares about is their own pride. It sickens and disgusts me at this very moment. Help me be a part of the answer Father!!!!!

South Carolina Earthquakes - 3 in one week

I am just posting this, because the frequency of these quakes is a bit unusual for this particular area of the southeast. Here are few more links regarding recent earthquakes in other areas..

Aug 1, 2012

Love the sinner hate the sin...

While this is the command God gave us, so few follow it. Instead they operate from a place of judgment, while justifying their actions saying it should be pointed out and if not then you condone it. That may in part be true, I need to study the scriptures myself.. more deeply to come to any sort of a conclusion. But before I do that... Some of you are being distracted and diverted away from God..through another person or group of people's constant hatred, judgement and ridicule, turn away from them for their is no light or love in their hearts. Break away from them and do not fuel the fire that consumes them lest you be consumed also. Think about the parable of the 10 virgins. Would you just think for a minute... just a minute, thats all.. which is more important? If you had just 2 minutes out of the day to speak, or to share something, would you choose to show someone the error of their ways, or would you show them Christ if you could? Think another minute, please, humor me a little, just another minute... anyone who spends more of their time criticizing others, or finding fault, or doing the so called "exposing" the darkness... without spending at least the same amount of time, if NOT MORE!!!!telling you how much God loves you and talking about the tranforming qualities of God's love... is NOT a Christian, the Love of Christ is NOT in them. Get away from them, and move on. I don't care how many times one of these so -called "Christians" tells me they are doing God's work... and relays scripture, and quotes it and tries to justify their legalistic, condemning and condescending fault finding ways with it, I tell you they are not in any way part of God's Kingdom... get away from them, they are no more than a den of vipers and the love of Christ is not in them. If it were they would KNOW and PROFESS that it is the LOVE OF GOD that transforms a person, not their fault finding and mis-application of the law. Only the LOVE of Christ transforms and if they are following the first commandments, to Love The Neighbor as Thyself, and Have No Other Gods Before Me (i.e. the One True Living God)then they would profess it. Instead, they hate their neighbor because of their sin, which denies the power of the resurrected Christ who forgave us of our sins, and denies the power of His shed blood. Furthermore, they literally make the sin or the obsession of other's sin, their own god... because thats what they give their time to, their energy to, they submit their words, and minds to... GET AWAY FROM THEM...They are NOT of GOD and unless they see the ERROR OF THEIR OWN WAYS, they will not inheritant the Kingdom of God, and will be utterly cut off from God. It is this type of people that have given Christ a terrible name among communities of people who have been ridiculed and rejected. God's wrath will find them and they will have wished they had not rejected the truth in what I just posted above. Likewise, any person who rejects this truth and constantly uses this sin as grounds for constant debate, saying Christians are wrong and attempts to dilute the truth of God's word you are no different. You reject the truth as well. Don't let the sin of someone else captivate you and cause you to stumble even more. I can't undo all the damage that people professing to Love God and call themselves Christians have done, nor can I cause the other side of that group to think differently... those who justify their sin by saying God is Love and God is about Love... while that is true, God is a jealous God - and He is righteous and He judges. I told someone the other day that it is true that God is about love, in fact God IS love. He gives us the desires of our hearts... So much so,that He gives us the desires of our hearts even if it means complete and utter separation from Him. It is not His wish that any would perish, but you leave Him no choice, when you continue to choose something other than Him... Its up to you... So Yes Love the Sinner hate the sin, but for God's sake, and that of your eternal soul, and the eternal souls of your neighbors - point them to Jesus, not a replay of their sins.