Aug 2, 2012

Open our eyes!

Today we post back and forth, we occupy this or that, we pickett we ban, we boycott, we fight amongst ourselves and the tensions continue to grow. Its all suppose to happen, this great division is suppose to happen. But I ask other so called Christians.... will you have time to fight this war, when someone is begging to be fed, to be clothed? Will you say to a starving child, "wait a while, I need to go post this or that, I need to go march around the federal building because someone isn't "recognizing" who I am". No, sit out here in the rain and storm, while I go file a petition to stop that homosexual from building his home or his establishment in my town. And when God asks us... what did you do for my children? Imagine what it sounds like when you say: I signed a piece of paper, I stopped someone from conducting business in my town, I held up a sign, I voted for the right person, I stopped someone from being reelected, I did all these things...Lord. Then He says, yes but all my children died - some from starvation, others from being out in the cold, and others from continued neglect, a broken heart. You know we haven't even begun to realize what its like in third world countries, if we did know, I doubt very seriously we'd be fighting like we do. There are so many people right here in our own country who are homeless, who need help, who need love, who need to be fed, who need medical care... what are we doing about it? How are we showing them the Love of God? I am writing this more for my own benefit.. The day is coming, when we will have to answer for this. God please open our hearts, turn our hearts toward the things of YOU!! Let us be a part of ending the suffering that we know so many are experiencing, and I am talking really suffering...not because their ego's are bruised... I mean WHO REALLY GIVES A FLIP ABOUT MARRIAGE or ABOUT YOUR EQUAL RIGHTts when there is someone dieing on the street because they haven't eaten (TELL ME WHAT IS EQUAL ABOUT THAT???) and a block over tons of food are being thrown out because we waste and waste and waste.. LIKEWISE, I really can't care about the PROTECTION OF MARRIAGE for the very same reasons... I mean come on people, get your freaking priorities right... just as I attempt to.. We are about to be shaken to our very core, and all anyone cares about is their own pride. It sickens and disgusts me at this very moment. Help me be a part of the answer Father!!!!!

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