Aug 11, 2012

Break Me

Oh Father... I am overwhelmed by this great love. I am humbled and my eyes flow with tears as I think of how much you love me. Its incomprehensible. I want to feel what you feel, hurt when you hurt, and love like you love. I want my heart to break for what breaks yours. Break me Father - I want to experience what you felt on your way to Calvary, I want to understand the depth of your compassion and mercy. I want to feel like you felt that day. Break me - so that all of 'me' is no more, so I would no longer get in the way with selfish things, and vain teachings or prideful intellect, break me Father. Expose my heart and rip the veil from my eyes, so that it can be made pure and holy. Allow me to die with you and move beyond the cross, so that you may be resurrected again and again through my life, my words, my thoughts - every part of me. Reveal your heart to me Father, by breaking mine.

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