Dec 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Arghhhh, the holiday rush is upon me and I have done some last minute shopping...navigating between crying babies, determined soccer moms and guys who look puzzled when holding up a woman's blouse.

Needless to say its done, its done!!! Now I have to spend the next hour or two wrapping everything possibly loading the car down for an early morning departure for a 4 hr trek east to my home town, Kinston, NC.

I have been very busy lately. I was offered a job near Asheville NC and I can hardly wait to get this move over. So between work, school, packing and the holidays this must be the busiest I have been in quite some time.

I hope I will be adding more to the blog now that I get to live in the place I have always dreamed of living since I was a kid. I anticipate much more inspiration, peace, innovative thinking, a spark of creativity and simply just enjoying what I consider heaven on earth in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western, NC.

God bless, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays etc, and I hope and pray that everyone who comes across this blog will find that 2009 will prove to be a successful and rewarding year for you, your friends, and your families.


Dec 3, 2008

"Nice" Sites

Sites that allow visitors to share tales of kindness popping up on the Web from

One afternoon in mid-July, Melissa Morris-Ivone was on the receiving end of one of those infinitesimally small acts of kindness that put you in a good mood.


Dec 2, 2008

Moving again!

So as you can probably tell from some of the posts on this blog I am an avid fan of the mountains of western NC and more specifically Asheville, NC.

I have wanted to live in this general area for as long as I can remember and now I am being given the chance... I have recently been offered a position near the area and will be (hopefully) renting a beautiful home in the Biltmore Lake area.

I have much to get done over the next 30 days, but suffice it to say I am excited. I can hardly imagine seeing the mountains every day on my way back and forth to work and all the wonderful activities I might engage in over the weekends... I think its a dream come true and I hope and pray the job pans out to be something I enjoy and am very successful in...

More to come..