Mar 31, 2013

Bible Ping Pong - Billy Hobbs

Mar 29, 2013

Global Ocean Death - The Ongoing Impact of Fukushima

Mar 28, 2013

Same Sex - Unions, Marriages, God - The same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

I am going to say what I want about the constant fight between those supporting and opposing same sex marriage. That will be it.

First of all, no matter what man calls marriage - be it between a man and a woman, two men, two women, between a tit and a toddler, someone's butt and a boomerang doesn't threaten or diminish what God has already established (and I am talking about the God most Christians say they believe in and the One who I choose to believe in). He is sovereign, His laws, His ways, His word(s) is not dependent upon nor subject to anything man does, doesn't do or devises against Him, intentionally or unintentionally. So same sex marriage doesn't offend me, its something made of man and doesn't change anything about the God I seek to serve or share with others. Nor does it change who I am to God or who God is to me.

There is no such thing as a marriage between people of the same sex in God's eyes, sure there may be a union, a partnership, a committment, but in God's eyes it is not a marriage - period. I didn't declare it and I am not reiterating it here to infuriate anyone... if you don't like that and think the interpretation of scripture is incorrect or you find fault with that in any way, OK, but thats between you and the God you serve or believe in. Work it out.

If someone wants to call their union a marriage so be it. If those same people would like benefits like heterosexual couples get so be it. I have no problem with that. But that isn't equal rights. Equal rights would be based on individuals, not couples of any persuasion (color, creed, sexual preference, etc). I think it was wrong of any government to attach benefits to something God originated. It encourages unholy unions much like babies to unemployed mothers encourage welfare (in some cases).

To the homosexuals and lesbians who are using the phrase "We should be able to love who we choose"... shame on you... when did your love become subject to someone else's approval? You exercise that free choice every day just like any other human being. I hear what you are saying and I understand why you say it, but its a lie. You do have the right and the choice every day to love who you choose. No government rule or regulation has that kind of power over love. Mean what you say and say what you mean... You want the same benefits that heterosexual couples get, tax breaks, death benefits, etc.. I get that and I have addressed it and I am all for it. But if you want recognition from every day people who differ in their beliefs than you, that they will accept your same sex union... give it up, some will, some won't, so what? Again if your love needs validation from someone outside of your relationship, it just ain't love. I mean really if you truly love another human being, its unconditional and not conditioned on whether or not your neighbor, co-workers or family members agree, accept or acknowlege it. Trying to force someone to do just that, well that's not exactly freedom is it, doesn't really fit into the philosophy of "equality" does it?

To all the Christians who are constantly attempting to apply God's laws to people who reject them.... Why? God's first commandment was to love Him with all your heart, then to love your neighbor as yourself. Can you comprehend maybe why these were the first commandments? Well from the way things are going on in this world, I am concluding that without those, none of the others would actually make any difference or would work. We don't win people over by telling them how wrong they are, or how vile something they do or don't do is to us or to a God they don't know, can't see or hear... it is literally like speaking chinese to a frenchman.

From my experience the only language that is universal is the language of thats something we can all see, hear, feel, and hopefully accept (maybe). Its love that brings revelation, its love that opens our eyes, our hearts. Its love that brings us together. We don't have the power to change people, circumcise hearts, reveal truth even. If you're a Christian you know that God is the only one who can reveal Himself to those who search for Him. You also know from your Bible, that its the Holy Spirit who reveals ALL truth, and sanctifies (convicts)... God didn't make you the authority over that or even given you that kind of power. Sure some will say "if we don't stand up for God, then we will fall for everything else, or if we don't stand against something then we are standing for it"... I agree and disagree, but I ask you again... are you following those first two commandments??? Remember those, Love God with all your heart and soul, love they neighbor as yourself???... well if you aren't... then you aren't qualified to speak about any laws, rules, regulations from God,because you yourself aren't following them.

I see both sides, but for God's sake - for love's sake, don't fight a fight that really doesn't exist - and don't call it something it ain't.. (let the comments fly) this is my opinon/belief and not up for debate or interpretation. You have your own facebook page or blog, use it like we all do. God bless everyone and I hope everyone has good health, peace and prosperity no matter what! :-)

Mar 26, 2013

Gary Haugen - Passion 2013 - Ending Slavery [Full HD Sermon]


Its been a while since I posted a prayer, but I feel inspired tonight.

Lord, send down your fire from heaven to ignite these embers that have grown cold within my heart.  Ignite a fire so hot, so fierce that it literally consumes me!

Cause my heart to constantly turn toward you, and circumcise everything that you detest, that separates us.  Renew me, revive me and reveal to me the things that must go!  In doing so, Father, I ask that you give me the strength because I have found I have none.  I am naked, poor, blind and my strength is like the dust in the wind when I am faced with temptation, with adversity, with problems I have no solution.

Teach me to trust in you and not of myself. For I know my heart is evil in all its ways, my thoughts, my deeds, that ensnare me.  

Remind me moment by moment, who You are, and who I am to you.

Humble me daily that I always be looking up.  Remove all the distractions that keep me occupied and away from your presence.

Overtake me with your presence... so much so that one second away from you would feel like overwhelming grief... that I might know you the way a child would know his parent, his best friend... knit our hearts together and grow this relationship to the point that I would do anything and sacrifice anything to protect it and pursue it even more.

And when I have no more words to say, when I don't know what or how to pray, cause me to be silent and patient, and simply wait upon you Lord.  Speak to my heart in the silence and reveal your presence to me in ways I have yet to experience and cherish.

Let your truth reign supreme in my life, my words, my actions, deeds and desires.  Fill me up with your word and your Spirit.  Break down every wall, every obstacle, every ounce of my own reasoning that I might become fully transparent, magnifying you in my life.

Live in and through me.  Deliver me from every plot of the enemy, cause every weapon to be turned upon itself and rise up within me that you would be multiplied and magnified.

Cause my heart to break for everything and everyone that you love, loving as you do.  Let your presence be so evident in my life that all who see me would desire to know you and love you, to walk in your ways and be transformed, totally transformed by your great love!!!

Love is - Dependent Upon Your Government?

I am a little upset today, angered, frustrated, perplexed - somewhat pissed off.  No that doesn't sound like the joyful Jesus follower, that I indirectly and directly profess to be, but this life, any life, is not always sunshine and skippidy do dah days.

Let me explain.  Tonight as I worked on a few things, with the TV going - I begin to hear, see and sense a theme of sorts.  I don't keep up much with politics or even what the day's news is most often, but I typically catch up a few days later.  Most of what is reported on the top news media venue's really doesn't concern me literally or figuratively.  But the theme was gay marriage.  So I listened a little here and there and it started to get my attention more.  First there was a clip of an upcoming show that has something to do with boyscouts and the scene showed a guy introducing his life partner, another male, to the young boys in the troop.  Another channel was from a day time soap opera showing a lady discussing with a man her desire for her gay son to find another good guy and get married.  Katie Couric caught more of my attention with several guests, expert psychologists, a lesbian couple with their two daughters, a father turned author with his gay son who attempted to commit suicide at 13.
One of the lesbian guests stated once while being interviewed by Katie Couric "We should have the right to choose who we love"...  The young man who attempted suicide when being asked when he knew he was gay said he found the wikipedia article on homosexuality and the bottomline was that "he liked sparkly things", and that being with a girl didn't make sense and so he decided after reading the wikipedia article that he was gay.

We don't know what to do with "different" so we call it this or that.  As toddlers grow up and they aren't immediately drawn to the traditional masculine or feminine things, we label it as being gay.  Or we label it as this or that, we categorize different into something we are familiar with or something we fear.  Something we judge or ridicule.  We actually start planting seeds when we do this, good or bad.  I was always told I looked like a little girl when I was small, because my mom let my hair grow out and it was curly.  My cousin even dressed me up in one of her life size dolls clothes and a picture was taken of me but that picture survived years only to haunt me a little as I grew older.  I learned to despise compliments, and hated it when someone pinched my cheeks or mistook me for a little girl.  I remember one lady in church pinching my cheeks and calling me cute, and if I recall correctly, when she was done, I told my mom I was going to kick her if she ever did it again.  I always shy away from the "spotlight" of any kind.  In fact I purposefully requested no birthday parties or surprise this or that.  I didn't like the attention.  Granted some of it was nice, but for the most part I hated it.

My personal story:  I was on many levels (from my perspective) rejected by the potential male role models in my life.  My brother and my dad.  I know if they read this they may be hurt by this, and I am sorry for that.  But this article isn't meant to hurt them or make me feel better.  The result of this rejection was a natural desire to be drawn to other male figures/friends because that kind of normal loving nurturing relationship didn't exist in my life.  I had plenty of that from my mom. But because I was different and because they didn't know what to do with different, I suppose on some level I was rejected.  Surely, they tried to include me traditional male things like going hunting, fishing, etc.  But it just wasn't my cup of tea.  I mean really in my mind, who would knowingly want to kill an innocent animal for no other reason than to kill it?  It was the stupidest thing I could think of doing, not to mention sitting up in a deer stand for hours on end, in the cold, being as silent as possible and not moving... come on?

As a kid I loved growing things. I was more intrigued with how the process played out and the end result.  Granted the beauty that it all ended with was great, but I was just as intrigued with planting a seed and checking it almost hourly as a kid to see the miracle of life emerge from the soil.  I was and still to this day amazed at how something so big and beautiful could come from a tiny seed.  But this affection for gardening and growing things, was not the traditional masculine activities that are expected from most little boys.  I was often ridiculed by others, including my own family, for being articulate, for being concerned about things that most others were not, like the way things were arranged in my room, the way I wrote.  When we are different, because we don't easily fit in more often than not we are rejected.  Maybe not on purpose, but when someone says something against what you do and what you like, how you talk or walk, speak or get labeled.  Most of the time its to discourage it, sometimes its a good thing, but most days it isn't.  As a result, we are told lies... for example in a response to growing beautiful plants or flowers:  'Tim that is gay".. "you are gay"...before I even knew what gay was, or back in those days the word may have been "queer" or "fag"... perhaps worse.  Did this make me gay?  No, but it planted a seed in me to know what gay was.  So much like the kid who tried to commit suicide at 13, I researched "gay" or "homosexual" or "fag" and lo and behold like him, I thought "yes I am attracted to other boys, or guys or men" and therefore I must be gay.  You see how that seed is planted, how it grows and how it matures?  No I never was gay, I was different and that difference didn't fit into the stereotype.  I was attracted to members of the same sex, because I didn't have a healthy, loving and supported male role model.  It didn't mean I wanted to have sex, heck I didn't even know what "sex" was.  I didn't even know where babies came from.  My first attachment to another male was when I was in kindergarten, yes, I was 4 and 5 years old.  Randy my bus driver, was like my big brother.  He loved me somehow.  He showed me attention, he took care of me while I was on the bus.  For years I knew what the back of his head looked like from a mile away.  I loved Randy.  He was big enough to pick me up and talk to me, and nothing more.  That was not and never could be something sexual, something I would call perverted now.  But because I was different and wasn't what someone else wanted me to be, in the big or small ways... I was rejected.  That rejection caused me to look for replacement relationships, much like with Randy the bus driver and that need or desire to form healthy relationships with other males continued throughout life, even through puberty.  Unfortunately during that time, puberty and sexual maturity got mixed up with those normal healthy desires and basically partook of forbidden fruit.  Does this make sense?  Can you see why I will never say I was "born this way" and find it extremely difficult to believe that any one was?  No one is born desiring sex with the same gender and that is what homosexuality is to me.  But the "enemy" has called it a way of life, a lifestyle, incorporating things such as what we like to do (garden, paint, being a pianist, anything non traditional to the gender) the enemy pulls all those other things into someplace they don't belong.  Just like calling a kid gay because he likes to sing, or dance.

As I grew up the one person whom I spent most of my time around was my mom or my grandmother.  They are the two human beings that most impacted my life.  It wasn't my choice, nor was it a conscious choice of theirs.  Instead it was by default.  My dad worked many jobs and many hours - my brother spent time doing what he did and when I wasn't with my mom or staying with my grandmother - I did what I liked - I'd spend hours watching animals, exploring the woods, growing plants, drawing, and writing.  I think I got the desire to write from Mom..  but none of this was "gay".. it was simply who I was - influenced by the people, places and things most familiar to me.  It was not "gay".
For me personally, the idea of "gay" and what "gay" has become and is defined by is a complete and fabricated lie.  We tend to group people into these categories because thats what some have in common, but its what happens in the bedroom or not, but on a sexual level that defines homosexuality.  Even effeminate men who are not gay are believed to be gay, but being effeminate in and of itself is NOT gay.

No kid is born knowing about sex, and being drawn to have sex with someone of the same gender.  No typically what happens, is during this time of growing up and being drawn to what it is we lack in role models, or relationships - that drive and desire to be connected with someone to fill the void, gets a little mixed up when we start maturing sexually - at least thats what happened with me.  I think all kids experiment even if its just in their thoughts.  But once that line gets crossed and we experience pleasure - its almost like a new neural pathway is created in our brains.  Without going into all the details - for me, that eventual pleasure then became associated with someone of the same sex.  But physical pleasure is just that.  I use to think I was suppose to be gay, because I was drawn to other males, then after experiencing sexual pleasure with a male, I associated that pleasure with males.  So that convinced me thats what I was suppose to do, to be.  What a lie!  But I have lived that lie most of my adult life.
Some of you have read my other posts and you may understand at this point, I reject and renounce the belief that is how I am suppose to live. Because it has brought me nothing but pain and heartache and for me personally, it has led nowhere and will never lead me to what it is I always sought... a normal, healthy, non-sexual, nurturing, supportive and loving relationship with another male.  Many people who read this won't be able to comprehend or understand what I am conveying here, but many will.  You get it.

I have had a tremendous time reconciling what I thought was right with what I know is wrong.  I don't think I really understood this until I actually fell in love, or loved another male, truthfully and honestly.  A love that was not compelling or grown out of familial relationships such as with a parent and a child.  A love that was truly unconditional.  It was through this revelation of love, great and eternal love that I realized I was NOT gay or didn't have to be gay.  Sure I had lived that way of life most of my adult years, but I realized loving someone had nothing to do with sex, nor does it have to do with a marriage contract, or government imposed regulation.  Love doesn't need man or woman to recognize it, and love can't be controlled by legislation or a certificate of marriage.  Love truly conquers and overcomes any and everything, always.

It was also through this revelation of love, that I really started to understand who God was, is, and will always be.  Through this love of another man, I realized in part who God is.  And it was this love of another man, that actually drew me into a close relationship with God.   Anyone who has truly fallen in love and gotten past the lust, can attest to this.  To love is to see the face of God some say.  I tend to agree.

Getting back to being pissed off.  So many people are fighting for the right to marry. I get it... but so many of these same people are using the statement similar to what the lesbian mother of two girls said "We should have a right to choose who we love"... another recent facebook post from someone stated:  "I should have the right to love who I choose"...    What pisses me off, is the fact that no one no man, no woman, no government big or small, local or federal influences or controls one's ability or right to love any one else.  People who think and say that they do not have the right to choose who they love, have no clue what love is.  Now if the issue is really about rights and benefits - then say that, speak it and stick to it.  I have no issue with anyone being treated as an equal and I have said it from day one, if we are to treat each other as equals we should actually REMOVE the rights and benefits afforded heterosexual couples who marry.  That would be the most equal thing we could do.  Because otherwise, just as I have noted, the issue gets very cloudy about what LOVE IS... and what it ISN'T because people who want and perhaps need the benefits afforded traditional couples, use "love" as a platform to sway the opinions of others.  Its actually worse than what you are fighting for... to say you don't have the right to choose who you love is a lie and I am so sick of it, I want to vomit.
I think the fact that our governments have involved themselves in the affairs of marriage is wrong.  It promotes marriages that lack love, true love and thus is partially responsible for the divorce rates in this country.  I mean how many stories have you heard of illegal aliens i.e. immigrants getting married to become citizens?  Does that make the marriage right?  Is it true love?  Or is it just a way to get benefits?  So when I hear someone gay or straight say "Shouldn't I have the right to choose who I love" or "We should be able to love who we want"... I want to vomit because you apparently don't know what love is and you treat it as some commodity that can be bartered or traded for this or that.  Are you saying that you don't have the right to love another human being because your government or your neighbor doesn't recognize that love?  Which is it?

Anyone who truly loves another human being knows without any doubt or reservation that love is eternal and I can tell you its eternal because it is connected and derived from the source of Love, God.  God is love.  When you truly love another human being, nothing can come against it, nothing can break it down, or cause it to waiver in any way, not even death.  Those of you who truly love someone else, unconditionally, know exactly what I am talking about.  Those that don't, I pray your day will come and when it does, you will be as close (I think) to seeing the face of God, as you will ever be in this life.
Marriage became an instrument when the government attached rights and benefits, rules and regulations.  God created marriage to be between one man and one woman, and is the only union recognized by God (the God I believe in) Male and female are the only two genders that can become one flesh and procreate.  Any other union is simply something else - right or wrong, I am not here to debate.  Its my truth and not yours so I am not here to debate on that.

But for Love's sake, if you love someone love them and don't attach conditions upon it by stating someone else must approve it and recognize it for it to be legitimate.  If we truly want equality then do it on an individual basis and not a union between anyone.  Equal rights will not take place when any government recognizes this or that union, equal rights will exist when its based on the individual regardless of who they love.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, male or female, when you subject "love" to the permission or approval of another, I can assure you it is not love.  Rethink how you present your cause, your agenda, your whatever but for Love's sake, for God's sake, don't pervert something as sacred and eternal as love by submitting it to the acceptance or approval of another.  Its a disgrace to not only you and the ones you say you love, but to the source of love, which is God.  And if it is really love that you have in your hearts and you simply want the benefits of a government who has meddled to much in the affairs of it's people, then say so, but don't pervert and prostitute this "love" out to others by making it dependent upon their rules and regulations.  Say what you mean and mean what you say, otherwise you are no better than the people who are withholding the benefits and recognition you so desire.

**Just a side note, this is my opinion, my belief and my truth.  If this doesn't apply to you then move on, it has no effect on you and your debate or disagreement with this post, is irrelevant.

Mar 22, 2013

Sackcloth Servant? A WITNESS shows up near the time of the FALSE PROPHE...

Mar 17, 2013

All Consuming Fire

First of all I have to say Thank You Lord!  I have been distracted, dismayed, and deluded a little these past few weeks.  The waves of change are sometimes overwhelming and as you continue to answer the prayer "break my heart"... I feel like the breath gets knocked out of me at times.  The flesh rises up and seeks to resurrect the Tim you are crucifying.  Yet, you still grace me with your loving presence.  How can this be, that you would continue to strive with me, to continuously forgive me... that is your love... it is your great love for me!!!

As I sit here tonight listening to Jason Upton sing to you with some of the purest, deepest and most sincere praise and worship... you open my eyes yet again..

When God speaks to me, often it is through visual images and glimpses of a scene or scenario...

Sometimes, many times I am finding, God simply wants us to be silent, to wait on Him and let His presence permeate our being.  Have you ever loved someone so much so deeply - that just being in the same room with them is enough?  Its simply and magnificently enough.  There are times in our lives (more often than not) that we simply just don't know what to say, how to say it.  This is especially true when we find ourselves at the feet of a God so big, so alive, so powerful and so loving - there are simply no words in any language that can convey the overwhelming awe of Him.  His majesty, His goodness, His grace, His beauty, His love!!!

As I listen to Jason sing from the deepest part of his being...  "I'm tired of telling you I will follow when I know I really won't.  Cause I'd rather stand here speechless with no great words to say.  If my silence is more truthful and my ears can hear how to walk in your way.  In the silence you are speaking, and in the quiet I can feel the fire.  And it's burning, it's burning deeply." (Jason Upton)

When I was a kid, I would take a magnifying glass and concentrate the light of the sun onto grass clippings... with patience and precision.. the grass would start to smolder, smoke would start to rise... the heat would increase, the smoke would increase and after a while, in an instant a flame would ignite and the clippings started to burn, the fire grew.  To a kid it was like a miracle.  Who would have thought the light could create a fire?

Thats how it is with God you know?  "Sometimes there is no language, no language, but a cry.  Sometimes there is no language, no language, but a groan!!!" (Jason Upton)

When we are coming to the end of a situation, a circumstance, even ourselves - there is nothing left to say, nothing left to do, but simply cry out to Him and be still...and be in His presence.  And as we wait upon Him, as we seek to go deeper into His presence... His marvelous and glorious light starts to pierce the darkness and as we wait, and we start to feel the burn, the circumcising of our hearts... the heat increases, it becomes intense and He literally ignites us from within!!

In that moment, in that submission to Him, He will consume all those things that seek to exalt themselves above Him and the knowledge of who He is.  His light will reveal everything within us.  Even those things that can't be named, can't be called out.  When we are coming to the end of ourselves, this is exactly what we need.

This is the place I want to remain.  In the silence, in the things I cannot speak, or convey.  I want to be yielded completely to Him, that His fire might come down and consume all those things that beseech me, that seek to control and influence my thoughts, my speech.

"Without the fire we'll never fly, to the heart of heaven.  Can you hear God's holy cry from the heart of heaven?  Lay it all down, lay it all down, lay it all down, for the heart of heaven!" (Jason Upton)

He is an all consuming fire.

Hebrews 12:28-29
"Therefore since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our God is an all-consuming fire."

Mar 13, 2013

How Great is Our God with Louie Giglio full video

The New Pope - Fulfills Prophecy of the Popes: Tom Horn's Response I am sure there will be more to follow this but Tom is traveling at this time per his note above on Steve Quayle's site.

Mar 12, 2013

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