Mar 26, 2013


Its been a while since I posted a prayer, but I feel inspired tonight.

Lord, send down your fire from heaven to ignite these embers that have grown cold within my heart.  Ignite a fire so hot, so fierce that it literally consumes me!

Cause my heart to constantly turn toward you, and circumcise everything that you detest, that separates us.  Renew me, revive me and reveal to me the things that must go!  In doing so, Father, I ask that you give me the strength because I have found I have none.  I am naked, poor, blind and my strength is like the dust in the wind when I am faced with temptation, with adversity, with problems I have no solution.

Teach me to trust in you and not of myself. For I know my heart is evil in all its ways, my thoughts, my deeds, that ensnare me.  

Remind me moment by moment, who You are, and who I am to you.

Humble me daily that I always be looking up.  Remove all the distractions that keep me occupied and away from your presence.

Overtake me with your presence... so much so that one second away from you would feel like overwhelming grief... that I might know you the way a child would know his parent, his best friend... knit our hearts together and grow this relationship to the point that I would do anything and sacrifice anything to protect it and pursue it even more.

And when I have no more words to say, when I don't know what or how to pray, cause me to be silent and patient, and simply wait upon you Lord.  Speak to my heart in the silence and reveal your presence to me in ways I have yet to experience and cherish.

Let your truth reign supreme in my life, my words, my actions, deeds and desires.  Fill me up with your word and your Spirit.  Break down every wall, every obstacle, every ounce of my own reasoning that I might become fully transparent, magnifying you in my life.

Live in and through me.  Deliver me from every plot of the enemy, cause every weapon to be turned upon itself and rise up within me that you would be multiplied and magnified.

Cause my heart to break for everything and everyone that you love, loving as you do.  Let your presence be so evident in my life that all who see me would desire to know you and love you, to walk in your ways and be transformed, totally transformed by your great love!!!

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