Mar 28, 2013

Same Sex - Unions, Marriages, God - The same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

I am going to say what I want about the constant fight between those supporting and opposing same sex marriage. That will be it.

First of all, no matter what man calls marriage - be it between a man and a woman, two men, two women, between a tit and a toddler, someone's butt and a boomerang doesn't threaten or diminish what God has already established (and I am talking about the God most Christians say they believe in and the One who I choose to believe in). He is sovereign, His laws, His ways, His word(s) is not dependent upon nor subject to anything man does, doesn't do or devises against Him, intentionally or unintentionally. So same sex marriage doesn't offend me, its something made of man and doesn't change anything about the God I seek to serve or share with others. Nor does it change who I am to God or who God is to me.

There is no such thing as a marriage between people of the same sex in God's eyes, sure there may be a union, a partnership, a committment, but in God's eyes it is not a marriage - period. I didn't declare it and I am not reiterating it here to infuriate anyone... if you don't like that and think the interpretation of scripture is incorrect or you find fault with that in any way, OK, but thats between you and the God you serve or believe in. Work it out.

If someone wants to call their union a marriage so be it. If those same people would like benefits like heterosexual couples get so be it. I have no problem with that. But that isn't equal rights. Equal rights would be based on individuals, not couples of any persuasion (color, creed, sexual preference, etc). I think it was wrong of any government to attach benefits to something God originated. It encourages unholy unions much like babies to unemployed mothers encourage welfare (in some cases).

To the homosexuals and lesbians who are using the phrase "We should be able to love who we choose"... shame on you... when did your love become subject to someone else's approval? You exercise that free choice every day just like any other human being. I hear what you are saying and I understand why you say it, but its a lie. You do have the right and the choice every day to love who you choose. No government rule or regulation has that kind of power over love. Mean what you say and say what you mean... You want the same benefits that heterosexual couples get, tax breaks, death benefits, etc.. I get that and I have addressed it and I am all for it. But if you want recognition from every day people who differ in their beliefs than you, that they will accept your same sex union... give it up, some will, some won't, so what? Again if your love needs validation from someone outside of your relationship, it just ain't love. I mean really if you truly love another human being, its unconditional and not conditioned on whether or not your neighbor, co-workers or family members agree, accept or acknowlege it. Trying to force someone to do just that, well that's not exactly freedom is it, doesn't really fit into the philosophy of "equality" does it?

To all the Christians who are constantly attempting to apply God's laws to people who reject them.... Why? God's first commandment was to love Him with all your heart, then to love your neighbor as yourself. Can you comprehend maybe why these were the first commandments? Well from the way things are going on in this world, I am concluding that without those, none of the others would actually make any difference or would work. We don't win people over by telling them how wrong they are, or how vile something they do or don't do is to us or to a God they don't know, can't see or hear... it is literally like speaking chinese to a frenchman.

From my experience the only language that is universal is the language of thats something we can all see, hear, feel, and hopefully accept (maybe). Its love that brings revelation, its love that opens our eyes, our hearts. Its love that brings us together. We don't have the power to change people, circumcise hearts, reveal truth even. If you're a Christian you know that God is the only one who can reveal Himself to those who search for Him. You also know from your Bible, that its the Holy Spirit who reveals ALL truth, and sanctifies (convicts)... God didn't make you the authority over that or even given you that kind of power. Sure some will say "if we don't stand up for God, then we will fall for everything else, or if we don't stand against something then we are standing for it"... I agree and disagree, but I ask you again... are you following those first two commandments??? Remember those, Love God with all your heart and soul, love they neighbor as yourself???... well if you aren't... then you aren't qualified to speak about any laws, rules, regulations from God,because you yourself aren't following them.

I see both sides, but for God's sake - for love's sake, don't fight a fight that really doesn't exist - and don't call it something it ain't.. (let the comments fly) this is my opinon/belief and not up for debate or interpretation. You have your own facebook page or blog, use it like we all do. God bless everyone and I hope everyone has good health, peace and prosperity no matter what! :-)

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  1. You know my concern the thing that overwhelms me at times, is that we are so easily caught in the crossfire - and as we wage war with each other (generally speaking) over these matters and many others.. not only do we find ourselves caught up and entangled, but we fail so miserably sometimes (more often than not) to share the good news, the love of Christ... so not only do we fail to fulfill our calling, our most true and most important calling..but we lead others astray in the process. I don't want their blood on my hands. If they are sinning but are not saved, which is more important... you know? I'll say that again for everyone who reads... If someone is sinning and not saved, which is more important... do you want to dress em up before they go to hell? Cause thats really what we are doing if we are focused on their sin and not their soul. Or would you rather lead them to Jesus, filthy as a pig, and let Him clean them up eternally? He is a Master at that you know... Its His blood not ours that washes white as snow... and His has already been shed!!!!