Oct 30, 2018

Online Income Opportunities - legit!

Recently I have been working from home and obviously have been spending some time researching various online ways to earn an income.  One of the opportunities I came across with was with a company called Respondent.  So far (just today) I have qualified for two surveys that pay up to $125 per hour!  The way it works is you sign up and browse their various projects.  The projects will be matched (highlighted) with various topics or categories that you have previously populated when you signed up - for example if you are a diabetic and the survey requires the respondent to be a diabetic, then it will be highlighted indicating that you qualify based on that particular subject/category/qualification.  Obviously if you do not qualify for the survey then you wouldn't take it or be allowed to take it. 

I highly recommend this site as a potential work from home income opportunity.  There are others that I will share and post as time permits that I am consistently earning income through and there are no gimmicks or catches, promise, or else I wouldn't be doing them! 

Check out Respondent at this link or by clicking here: Respondent sign up as a surveyor!

If you have any questions, let me know I will try to answer based on my experience so far!

Oct 23, 2018

Canned Spam for the End of the world!

This guy obviously has had another level of "enlightenment" or "waking up".. this is echoed in several prophecies I have heard recently.  While he isn't speaking directly from a biblical/religious perspective he does mention things like "antichrist".  We have all been distracted by our own efforts and even moreso by those that want to keep us in the dark, its the epitome of what the enemy has always done.  His motto is "buy food" and mine (for myself and others) is repent!