Aug 1, 2012

Love the sinner hate the sin...

While this is the command God gave us, so few follow it. Instead they operate from a place of judgment, while justifying their actions saying it should be pointed out and if not then you condone it. That may in part be true, I need to study the scriptures myself.. more deeply to come to any sort of a conclusion. But before I do that... Some of you are being distracted and diverted away from God..through another person or group of people's constant hatred, judgement and ridicule, turn away from them for their is no light or love in their hearts. Break away from them and do not fuel the fire that consumes them lest you be consumed also. Think about the parable of the 10 virgins. Would you just think for a minute... just a minute, thats all.. which is more important? If you had just 2 minutes out of the day to speak, or to share something, would you choose to show someone the error of their ways, or would you show them Christ if you could? Think another minute, please, humor me a little, just another minute... anyone who spends more of their time criticizing others, or finding fault, or doing the so called "exposing" the darkness... without spending at least the same amount of time, if NOT MORE!!!!telling you how much God loves you and talking about the tranforming qualities of God's love... is NOT a Christian, the Love of Christ is NOT in them. Get away from them, and move on. I don't care how many times one of these so -called "Christians" tells me they are doing God's work... and relays scripture, and quotes it and tries to justify their legalistic, condemning and condescending fault finding ways with it, I tell you they are not in any way part of God's Kingdom... get away from them, they are no more than a den of vipers and the love of Christ is not in them. If it were they would KNOW and PROFESS that it is the LOVE OF GOD that transforms a person, not their fault finding and mis-application of the law. Only the LOVE of Christ transforms and if they are following the first commandments, to Love The Neighbor as Thyself, and Have No Other Gods Before Me (i.e. the One True Living God)then they would profess it. Instead, they hate their neighbor because of their sin, which denies the power of the resurrected Christ who forgave us of our sins, and denies the power of His shed blood. Furthermore, they literally make the sin or the obsession of other's sin, their own god... because thats what they give their time to, their energy to, they submit their words, and minds to... GET AWAY FROM THEM...They are NOT of GOD and unless they see the ERROR OF THEIR OWN WAYS, they will not inheritant the Kingdom of God, and will be utterly cut off from God. It is this type of people that have given Christ a terrible name among communities of people who have been ridiculed and rejected. God's wrath will find them and they will have wished they had not rejected the truth in what I just posted above. Likewise, any person who rejects this truth and constantly uses this sin as grounds for constant debate, saying Christians are wrong and attempts to dilute the truth of God's word you are no different. You reject the truth as well. Don't let the sin of someone else captivate you and cause you to stumble even more. I can't undo all the damage that people professing to Love God and call themselves Christians have done, nor can I cause the other side of that group to think differently... those who justify their sin by saying God is Love and God is about Love... while that is true, God is a jealous God - and He is righteous and He judges. I told someone the other day that it is true that God is about love, in fact God IS love. He gives us the desires of our hearts... So much so,that He gives us the desires of our hearts even if it means complete and utter separation from Him. It is not His wish that any would perish, but you leave Him no choice, when you continue to choose something other than Him... Its up to you... So Yes Love the Sinner hate the sin, but for God's sake, and that of your eternal soul, and the eternal souls of your neighbors - point them to Jesus, not a replay of their sins.

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