Sep 20, 2007

Christine's take on Forgiveness

With her permission, I have posted the last paragraph of a recent entry Christine Kane posted on her very own blog you can find here.

The recent post was titled "How to Forgive Someone" and well worth your time spent to read. Please click on over to Christine's blog at the above link or the ones you find to the right of this page and be enlightened, entertained and above all, inspired.

And she writes......
"There are obviously many paths to forgiveness. That was one path for me. The question of how to forgive someone can only be answered by each person who chooses to forgive. Forgiveness is an act of creativity. As such, it will have nuances and lessons that could only come through its creator. For a while, it may feel messy. It may feel ugly. But as Caroline Myss says on one of those tapes, 'You have this choice: to get bitter, or to get better.'"

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