Sep 4, 2007


This is actually a portion of an email I sent to a friend this evening...

When I was driving home, something odd struck me in the way the trees were standing there... call me crazy, a lunatic whatever you will.. but I recognized them for once as true living beings. Some are just part of the crowd, others stand out and others are confined to a life along the fume filled freeway, but yet they have dignity because they were chosen for their beauty. It seemed like they were all saying at once "notice me"... "look over here".. They all looked at me, and they all wanted something from me. To be noticed. To be acknowledged. To be validated.

I can relate. People let me down, but maybe my expectations are to high. People are selfish, why shouldn't I be. People can be unforgiving, why? I'm sad, and I don't wanna talk about it. It never helps...really. All the answers I need are right here with me and I'll find them.

I know the truth, but fail to live it some times.

I wonder if the trees ever had Hope.. and what they did with it, where did they project it and what happened when it didn't come to fruition. They just keep living and don't seem to question their purpose.

I'm not giving enough lately, and it hurts. I've been distracted.

I'm tired, weary, and some days I just wanna go home, you know? I just wanna go home.

I feel better now...

Thanks for e-listening... don't respond... just know I'm sharing my heart with you, the good the bad the ugly :-)

(I am glad I wrote about Hope -previous post- while it was fresh - its good to go back and remind our souls what it is, when it's lost).

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