Sep 4, 2007

To be Known

As I was re-reading some of the posts and thinking to myself what others might think as they read... it came to my mind that the reason, once again I started this blog was to be known. I think about the people I have shared this with and who has taken the time even if only a few times to come back and read.

Thank you for showing interest, enough interest to validate me, to acknowledge me and to say just in your actions that you wanted to hear what I had to say, you wanted to know what was on my mind. Even if we don't talk very often. It has value and worth.

Maybe that is why so many people have blogs these days, they simply want to be known. We have placed so much emphasis on whats on the outside that we often times never reach the inside. Everyone wants to be heard, everyone wants to share themselves even if only in thought.

Family... you know the people that are related to you by blood, by marriage. I don't expect them to read it, some I have't even shared it with.. heck some don't even know my phone numbers, much more how to navigate a website, or the patience it takes to read. But its ok, they know a little of both, the inside and outside. It's a wash, a good balance.

Some day, provided Blogger keeps the site going, many of us will be on a different journey or won't be here at all... to continue the rants and raves, the jibberish and deep thought provoking discertations that find their way onto the server..... but we will remain, here in the words, along the length of sentences and bad grammar, weaving in and out through the paragraphs.... here they'll find us somewhere in the past and present all at once....and it will be then, that they will come to know us.

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