Nov 14, 2012

Engulfed In His Light - Conception

Engulfed in Light

This morning as I lay in bed, half awake half asleep I began to dream. 

God was showing me something…. It was as if I was dreaming two dreams at once and one dream consisting of flooding, and what seemingly should have been chaos.  I saw large ships full of military personnel in the middle of a city that had been flooded.  I saw people swimming in the streets that otherwise would have been flooded with cars.  I don’t have any interpretation of this part of the dream or this other dream.

Then I immediately saw a representation of myself, my spirit, piercing what appeared to be a sphere of light.  I noticed that it took persistence but after a while the barrier was broken and I was literally engulfed in this light.  What struck me as peculiar was when I was pressing in pushing to break the barrier, the sphere of light bent to surround me…and just when I felt like stopping the barrier broke and I entered into the light.  I was still filled with some darkness, but God reminded me of the scripture that talks about being filled with light.  There are actually a few:

Luke 11:34 Your eye is the lamp of your body.  When your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of light.  But when they are bad, your body also is full of darkness. 35 See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness.

God caused me to also remember a recent conversation I had with someone when I was explaining what people who have had near death experiences said they experienced when they went to hell.  Aside, from the screams, the fire, the torment one common denominator among most of who have visited hell and come back to live and tell about it, is the utter and complete separation from God they felt. 

He then revealed to me that as we are filled with light, the evil thoughts, or anything that seeks to exalt itself above the knowledge of God, are the dark places.  They simply are places in our lives that God is absent. They either are places that are hidden, that He must reveal to us, or places where we have refused to let Him enter.  

I then realized that the desires of my flesh are fading, God is delivering me!  How is this?  I have always felt like I was fighting and in fact I was, with these things I was in my own strength fighting principalities and powers with my own intellect and knowledge.   We have no power apart from God.  I have no strength and the battle is His, as we press into Him, as we are transformed IN HIM... we move from being a victim into Him as the Victor!

The visual that He gave me of piercing that sphere of light, and as I did it surround me, was His protection. He was that sphere of Light.   Just about the time I was seeing this I received a text message from a dear friend in Christ, Sieglinda who wrote these words:

“Sending heartfelt prayers across the miles for Divine Healing for your back and your every need this Day!  We continue to choose worry or Worship- I’m learning sometimes we experience in our physical body what is going on in the spiritual realm of the Body in these last days ---don’t go inward, keep reaching out.  Your blogs and ministry are right on – so far reaching, amazing, from God. “   

The part of her saying don't go inward, was her saying (at least as I interpret it) is don't keep this journey to yourself, don't keep the good news to yourself, keep reaching out to others.  So as I continue to move further into the center of this sphere, right into His heart (it is my desire) I want to tell the world about it!  But I must go inward toward Him and reach out to others to bring them along with me on this wonderful, life changing, transforming Metamorphosis!!

God revealed to me in the dream and something that was actually taking place at that very same time, that as we press into Him, as we pursue Him, He surrounds us with Light, with encouragement through His presence, His word and His people.  I was so grateful to receive that text message early this morning!!  Thank you Sieglinda, not only were you encouraging me, but you were being used so beautifully by God to confirm His word through visions and dreams at the very moment He was speaking to me!!!!

We must pursue Him!  We must press into Him!  I promise you as I sit here and type - His word is true, His yoke is easy and His burden is light!

He also showed me the image of the miracle of conception.  That process, of the sperm persisting to break the seal, the barrier to enter into an egg is literally a testimony of the Salvation and Sanctification we have through Christ.  Can you see it?  The journey the sperm must take against all odds… the long journey of constantly and consisting pursuing the prize… just getting there is half the battle, then to have the endurance, the strength to continue until the barrier is broken…then and only then does conception begin.  That is when the relationship is formed and all things are made new.  The two join together and multiply and as this relationship continues and the cells which have become to numerable to count, form another living human being.  This embryo grows and forms all the things he or she needs to live life in the outside world.  Eyes to see, ears to hear, lungs to breathe… its simply and overwhelmingly amazing.  God does the exact same thing for us supernaturally to live as spiritual beings through His Word, His spirit. It truly is a miracle!!!

One definition of conception is this:  origination, beginning.    How true is this when we pursue God and receive His gift of Salvation, it truly is the beginning of a new life in Christ!!! 

As we pursue Him, and we press into Him, we are surrounded by light, and when we have that “break through” and we first meet Him, and see Him for who and what He is, we begin to be filled with light.  We are truly transformed….and we truly become children of Light. 

Ephesians 5:8 NIV

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.  Live as children of light.

God’s Word Translation

Once you lived in the dark, but now the Lord has filled you with light.  Live as children who have light. 

There is so much more to this vision, that God is continuing to reveal to me, but I don’t yet have the words to articulate. 

One of the “ah ha” moments is when I realized that this battle is not mine, this war with the flesh – I simply must repent and turn away from sin, and turn toward God.  I don’t need to stand there facing it and fight with it, talk about it or to it… I simply turn my back on it and face Him!!!  When I do a flood of light starts to engulf me, surrounding me, protecting me, encouraging me, lifting me up… and as I continue to press on toward the goal, to Christ Himself, He begins to fill me with light and flooding those places within me that are absent of Him, and my whole body is filled to overflowing with Him, with His light!!! 

I am not sure who this message may bless, but I was just so happy and overwhelmed with the simple revelation of it all.  God is so good sometimes to just “show me” rather than let me struggle to figure it out on my own.  I recounted this today in between meetings with a good friend, Brooke… and I was on the verge of tears so I stopped, while we headed into the meeting.  I am so humbled by God’s love for me.  I often use the analogy of trying to explain what something looks like to a blind man who has never seen – I would imagine it would become frustrating for him with descriptive adjectives of which he also may have no first hand visual knowledge of…  but if his eyes were opened, there would be no need to describe it… seeing is believing and I tell you when God gives me these treasures of just “seeing” it… I feel so humbled and so blessed.

Thank you God, Thank you!!!!!

For those that want to see the miracle of fertilization ... This really gives me a better understanding of the "straight and narrow" path, "many are called but few are chosen"...  


  1. Tim... my Brother in Christ. I had a dream about the egg and conception and it's fertilization this morning just before waking. Now I get on here today to read your blog posts, as I have been doing every day, and this is the FIRST ONE I READ TODAY! YHWH is communicating something to me in regard to my dream and then the few paragraphs of this post which speak of this act if fertilization.

  2. I should also mention, though, that in my dream, there were MANY eggs, but only ONE sperm. Usually, in real life, it's the opposite. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog so far. I feel as though I have been with you since 2007 when you started posting, until now... 2012. I can't wait to get to your posts from 2015! Soon, I will have read your entire blog. It's so interesting that something YAH revealed to you three years ago and you decided to type out.. He used to benefit me here... now... today. Thank you for your obedience to the Father.