Nov 19, 2012


If you really want to know how things work, watch this entire movie. Then get on your knees and pray, because what is depicted here only a slight scratch on the surface - and don't think for a minute your vote, your political affiliation, your opinion, or your protest will make a difference. During the film the presenter shows the pyramidal structure this evil system works and who is at the top of the pyramid? The global elite...but what he leaves out is who controls them... who might you think that is? I suggest we all get on our knees and pray because if you look around you, closely and then across the oceans to other countries and how one by one they are all falling and chaos is erupting all over the planet - then you must (unless you are incomplete denial in your fantasy world) understand the overall plan and how it all comes into play - and while it may not directly appear to be effecting you right this minute - I promise you it will hit you like a ton of bricks very soon. And I will repost something I fully believe is from God. That was posted many months ago: Revelation and Division posted on my blog 3/22/12: I can assure you the foundations of this earth are being shaken up and will continue. I firmly believe we are in that time frame that many thought would never come, or never affect them - I firmly believe that we are in the period of tribulation and its time for people to decide what it is they believe in and move toward it... period. no matter if it is good or bad, black or white - the days of being on the fence undecided, unconcerned, are about to end. The complacent mindset and attitudes will be shaken to such a degree that people will be divided - starkly divided and the veil of delusion will come off their faces and they will no longer seek refuge in their religion or rebellion They will face a truth they never comprehended.

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