Nov 4, 2012

Hell wasn't meant for us

A few conversations got me thinking tonight and one of the things that keeps coming to mind, is the reality and truth that "Hell" wasn't made for us. This will lead me into the Word, and a study to better understand this so that I may convey the same to others.

God didn't create Hell for us so at the end of what many believe to be a game, if we lost, thats where we are banished and punished. God created hell for the fallen angels and Lucifer. So why is that so many say you are going to hell if you do this or that, or don't submit yourselves to God? Well it's true. But God doesn't want that. In fact, God wants us to be with Him in eternal glory, in Heaven! So how do we end up in hell? In a nutshell - if we have refused the Truth, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sin is alive and well within us and we have not received the gift of salvation- when the time comes for God to restore creation as it was intended....and He does away with all sin... if the sin is found within us, then He is left with no choice but to throw the baby out with the bath water sorta speak. He can no longer tolerate the duality that exists, the serving of other gods, besides Himself. He is a jealous God you know. 

I will have to go back and study much. But for many non-believers I can only imagine the questions they must ask themselves especially when today's Church lacks the love that Jesus' portrayed in His time. I struggle with the question myself as a believer: How do I share the love of God, without condemning or judging non-believers? How does one know they need to be saved? My first thought is they don't...or else they would be running after it diligently and working out their own salvation, at least that is my hope.  The Bible, was not so much about our need to be saved, but God's desire for us to believe in Him and know Him. To be in relationship with Him.  Why?  Because He created us, He loves us and wants a relationship with us... for His glory.

However, when a person believes in God, he or she, pretty quickly realizes they are in need of rescue of salvation. God obviously knew what he was doing and provided a way for us to obtain that, thanks to His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. Through that salvation we gain access to the Father through the Son, and to His holy spirit. Then, and only then, can we start working on what God intended all along - a relationship, communion with Him.

I see this post has gone down a little bit of a different path, when compared to the post title. But for anyone reading, I just wanted to point out that hell was not intended for us and if it was not intended for us - then the primary question or problem to work out is to get on a different path, no?

Some of the fundamental things I can think of that many would ask is Who is God? Why should I believe in God? These are the things I want to share with others who don't know Him, who like all of us have asked at one time or another, find myself in situations throughout life that pose bigger questions. No one can understand the Truth, unless they seek it. Nor can they personally apply that Truth to their lives if they don't understand they are subject to it.

That is a fundamental and key question I have of God... I believe by faith and my life experience has told me #1) God exists and He loves me beyond description #2) I am the creation of that same God #3)I want to spend eternity with God. So many of us have taken what we have been taught as the truth and we have in many cases no experiential evidence of that truth....or at least we haven't correlated our experiences with that truth. 

Therein lies revelation. We must experience God and a relationship with God for ourselves in order for Him to be real to us.  Surely you don't know your mother or father through what have read about them, or sung about them?  Nor do we know our friends and family through someone else. That would only be knowing "about" them. We must seek Him for ourselves, however we perceive Him with our current understanding, current education, current experiences. I am laughing as I type, because God keeps bringing me back to this supreme truth or requirement as I work out these things in my mind, my heart and that is "RELATIONSHIP".

Having had a near death experience, I have always been frustrated at not being able to just take someone there and show them what I saw, let them hear what I heard, or feel what I felt. Because I know if they did, they would never be the same, and God would go from being a belief to being as real as your best friend, your mom or dad - you would never ever doubt the existence of God again or try to imagine what or who God is.

I am concluding the only way for anyone to receive the Truth, is to be seeking it - and what I mean by that is in order for someone to begin to know God, or understand His commands, they must first believe in God.  It is then and only then that we can apply Truth to our lives.  Its like a special recipe, if you leave out the main ingredient, it will never ever taste quite right and you'll abandon it.  This is so important for Christians to know and understand if we are to be true disciples of Christ.  We must first lead people to Christ.  I repeat we MUST FIRST LEAD PEOPLE TO CHRIST - in order for any application of His teachings to work or to be received.  Additionally if we are able to lead someone to Christ, and they turn away, then the Truth is not in them because they have rejected it and it will not resonate with their spirit.  If it does, then they will feel conviction from the Holy Spirit, not condemnation from us.  He is the greatest of all teachers, not us.

Thats it for tonight. I am pondering many things this evening and I pray that God would bring revelation to me, so that I might better convey to others this great Truth... God is real, He loves you more than you can possibly imagine and His ways are just and He is full of mercy and grace. He IS the Great I AM, the First and the Last, Alpha and Omega - and His love know no bounds!

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