Nov 23, 2012

God's Will for Our Lives

So many people, including myself, have often pondered, wondered, question and doubted God's will for our lives. So many more times, we have chalked up disease, death, financial issues, bad relationships, unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness and so many other things to "well that's what happened, so its God's will". What I have learned over the years, is ..well its not necessarily God's will. He will use anything, even our bad choices, our own free will if thats what we give Him. But surely, He will for us is to prosper in every single way. And I am not talking financial prosperity. So don't think for a minute thats where this post is headed. While I will be the first to admit, I wouldn't turn down plenty of money in the bank - it is not the most valuable thing we can receive. The most valuable thing we can have and experience in my opinion is a close and intimate relationship with God, because then all other things are added "unto us" but we can't have that relationship without the tiny measure of faith He has given to us all. With that faith we can receive the salvation through Jesus Christ, who is very alive and who is literally aching to be united with you, with us. So why do things happen that are less than pleasant? Ask yourself and really be honest with yourself. Bad choices, poor judgment, lack of faith, lack of understanding, lack of desire... thats part of it.. but with all those "lacks" there is a deeper understanding if you ponder enough... if something is lacking what is it? Surely it is Jesus. Just like the post I recently put up titled "Engulfed by Light".. those areas of our live, that we simply subject ourselves to, those dark spots, those things that are not God's will, are the areas where He is absent... What are those areas? Oh gosh I could name a million it seems in my own life, but we are told to bring everything to Him... EVERYTHING. Who do you turn to when life is hard, when you have a problem that seems unsolvable, when you need advice, or just someone to listen? Usually its your mom or dad, or a best friend, but regardless of who it is - more than likely its someone we trust, someone we are IN RELATIONSHIP with, and someone who accepts us, and loves us. So why don't we bring EVERYTHING to God? Because we don't believe, we don't have faith, we don't trust in someone we can't see and touch - again because we don't have faith. But God has already said EVERYONE has been given a measure of faith, EVERYONE. This post can go on forever, but I encourage you today, to find that measure of faith deep down in your heart...and just believe in Him, seek Him, pursue Him - because the world will not have the answer, your mom and dad will have answers, but they won't always be the right ones, people will let you down because they are human, but God in His infinite wisdom and a love for you that goes beyond human comprehension, will supply your every need, He will weather the storm with you, and raise you up, and breathe life into your body, He will renew your mind and spirit, and will NEVER leave you or forsake you. More to come....

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