Nov 30, 2012

Thank you Again God

I am sure people who read this blog may just think I am a broken record, but I honestly can't Thank God enough for the sweetest frustration I know and thats the inability to praise and worship Him, to Thank Him to the degree that satisfies me. I know it can't be done. I remember seeing the billions and billions of angels or beings of light circling all around Him in what I knew to be Heaven in the near death experience, and was amazed, overwhelmed with awe at their never ceasing, never tiring, never a waiver in the pure ecstatic praise emanating from their inner most parts... If we could satisfy ourselves with a million songs, or prayers, or anything in adoration or praise of Him, then it would end and He has no end...its eternal because He is eternal. Imagine when you first fell in love, or even now that special child, mother, father, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandparent... the person that in your heart you feel you love more than life itself... you can't tell them enough, laugh with them enough, cry with them enough, there is nothing you can do to sum it up, to complete it... do you get what I am saying? You want a banner as big as the universe that says "I LOVE YOU!!!"... but you have no way of creating that, no way to tell every living creature great and small how much you love that person...or God. Thats how it is with God... and how I feel in my heart most days. I can't imagine any greater joy, literally.. than to be in Heaven one day and just be able to praise Him without ceasing, without tiring, without giving out of a voice, out of be equipped to praise Him continuously for all eternity. I can't comprehend how that would be possible, but that is one of my prayers. If I can get it right in this life, to be counted worthy because I have believed on Him and what He accomplished at Calvary through Jesus...knowing that He paid the price in full with His own life, His own precious blood... then God, equip me with the voice that is worthy of praising you, one that would never waiver, never tire, never grow old - give me a new song, every day, every hour every minute to bless you, to sing to you to worship you. That is my desire right now and more and more every day. To just be at your feet 24/7 because it would take eternity for me to be able to express this gratitude that cannot be contained!

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  1. It's so amazing, because Jesus dying on the cross to pay for our sins after COMING HERE... to me, IS that "banner" strewn across the entire universe. :) "His banner over me is LOVE". I think that's in the Psalms. :)