Nov 4, 2012

Voting on Biblical Principles - Are you For God or Against Him?

Something profound dawned on me as I watched David Jeremiah's sermon regarding our responsibility and duty to vote, but not only vote, but to vote for the candidate whom we feel will support biblical principles. If we truly are the Christians we profess to be and we truly believe in what the Holy Scriptures teach us - what Jesus Christ teaches us then we must fulfill our responsibility and not only vote but vote for the candidate whom we feel will most support our right to religious freedom, protect life and protect and uphold the sanctity of marriage as being between a man and woman,which are some of the most important issues we are facing today. God will bless or curse this nation according to the course Christians take concerning politics. The thing that dawned on me - is that I honestly feel like if I chose not to vote or voted for the candidate who doesn't support biblical principles, then I am in essence, directly denying and refusing God. I feel strongly this election is even more important than the last - and I also believe much of our fate will be sealed good or bad, depending on the outcome of this election. But on a very personal level I feel those who choose not to vote for the right candidate for the wrong reasons, will personally be held accountable to God. Just as we will be judged for the things we have done or not done in this life, matters of politics will not be excluded especially when we vote in favor of those that support ungodly principles. The choice is certainly yours and in no way is this message one of condemnation for anyone's personal beliefs - like you, I have my own beliefs. We can agree to disagree but for those who truly believe in the Holy Inspired Word of God, I encourage you to vote and pray about your decision if you are unsure. God will guide and lead you and you can never ever go wrong with Him. I encourage you to listen to Mr. Jeremiah's message at the link below.

David Jeremiah says goto from American Family Association on Vimeo.

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