Jul 5, 2015

Two Christianities? Jonathan Cahn - End of Christian America is Here

End of Christian America is Here - click this link to go to the article. This article detailing recent commentary and discussion by Jonathan Cahn regarding the end of "Christian America" reminds me of a vision God gave me a long time ago. This has to do with the apostate Church or the falling away. I have spoken many times about great division taking place among the people of the world and it seems to have picked up the pace especially in these last several weeks. This is in light of the recent shootings in SC (which I believe is a false flag to stir more tension and racial division) as well as the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court to allow and recognize same-sex marriages. For many years I have asked God where the true saints were. It hasn't been so obvious because the man-made doctrine and lukewarm attitudes of the "Church" has made it difficult at best to discern. Surely I have prayed for discernment and continue. But I fully believe this will a time of great persecution and it will be those who are being persecuted that will reveal to me and so many others, the true followers of Christ. The vision He gave me of the "False Church" can be found here

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