Jul 4, 2015


I despise this sin - not because of the people who commit it, but because it only brings heartache and destruction.  I am guilty of the same.  It is a sickness of the soul and it serves no good purpose, but self righteous pleasure.  So many people are deceived because they have believed one lie after another and God will send a strong delusion that they might believe a lie, many lies.  I am praying to God to cause me to have a deep, trembling and reverent fear of His judgment, but even more that my heart would absolutely break when I am faced with my own sin.  That I would be so grieved in my spirit when I think about betraying Him and all He did and does for me.  Oh Lord keep my mind and heart in a constant state of repentance, to humble myself before you and subject all things under your authority, mercy and grace.  That I would completely turn away from the things of this world, turning to you for everything.  Make my heart humble, my mind sharp and make me a living sacrifice, that I might find favor with you, that all of my sins would be remembered no more and that your grace would flood my life.  Empower me to desire every command, every statute, every precept  - to seek holiness and righteousness, that I would forsake all things apart from you!

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