Jul 27, 2015


I am beginning to conclude that if all the people who call themselves Christians AND who actually attempted to follow Jesus' example and keep God's commandments, along with many other statutes, precepts... if they truly sought to live holy, righteous and blameless lives before God if they actually spent more time in prayer than they did perusing the net, holding fund raisers, posting on facebook, putting together programs...and stopped engaging non-believers, fighting with those who have no interest in God or His ways...I dare say we would have a church that Jesus talked about, one clothed in glory, power, one that was obvious to believers and non-believers alike...and totally capable of so much more.  Albeit there would only be a handful..... but I am reminded of the few that housed Noah's Ark.  I am reminded of Moses.. 

The clarity God brings when we study His word, is remarkable, its obvious.  When I speak about God to anyone or the things of God it becomes immediately apparent who is interested and who isn't.  Typically they either get engaged and asked questions or interrupt you with another topic, or just outright dismiss you.  Thats a clue folks... I am learning so very quickly what the scripture means when it says don't cast your pearls before swine.  If people want the truth, they will ask for it, appeal to it, search for it, seek it out and they will be receptive to it when they are fortunate enough to hear it.  Continue to pray for them and for yourselves to be good stewards of the Word, but don't waste your time on those who reject you or the message God has placed in your heart.  God may have someone else to whom their ears are open to, rather than you, trust God and move on.  

The day will come sooner than later I am certain, when the Truth isn't so readily available.  It will be unfortunate when it no longer is... Amos 8:11 tells us this very thing.  We have willfully disregarded God and His Word.  Soon we will thirst for it and it will not be found, except in those who have repented of their sins and followed His commands, who have a personal relationship with God through His Holy Spirit.  

Its becoming so evident to me who the true followers of Jesus are, I pray that I become more like Him, to cast aside all the things of this world, to spend the majority of my time seeking Him and His counsel, studying and meditating upon His word.  God connect me with true saints!  Many are called but few are chosen, because the majority have and continue to reject you!  They have no joy, no peace, no power!  White washed sepulchres full of dead men's bones!  Where are the ones crying out to You!  Travailing in anguish especially at this time as the world around us grows darker in deep sin and willful ignorance!  

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