Jul 30, 2015

His Great Love

You've drawn  me in like a mighty magnet and you won't let go.  Its the sweetest thing I know.  You hear my cry, you answer my call and you draw me near!  

You satisfy me, but yet I want more!  You whisper gently in my ear, words of great encouragement and piercing truth!  You love me!  You make me smile!  

Your foundation is firm and solid as a rock, your borders are without limitation and your oceans vast and deep!  Your presence, your sweet presence is like a friend from long long ago, steady, constant, comforting and powerful!  

You make me and mold me, you fashion me with your very own hands, causing my crooked path to become straight, my walk to be upright!  You have picked me up, and placed me upon my feet, catching me when I stumble and lifting me up when I fall.  You carry me when I can't carry myself, when I am weak you ARE strong!  

You open my eyes that I might behold You, and see you as you are, you open my ears that I might receive your Word and be transformed by your Truth!  

No greater Joy, no greater Peace, no greater Assurance, than what I have found in You!  

You are indeed the lover of my soul, incomprehensible, unimaginable, great and mighty You are!  Yet you are approachable and you welcome me with open arms, with an embrace that is eternal!  

You are mine and I am yours, I belong to You!  I belong to You!  

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