Jul 17, 2015


I can only feel a growing perplexity and great sadness overtake my heart, my spirit, my mind as I sit here this evening. Just like millions across the planet I see the news, I see the propaganda, I see people fighting amongst themselves, murders, evil at every turn. I literally see everything God warned us of happening moment by moment, but in every moment. For years I have watched so many things and I am convinced that the Word of God is true and this time is growing very very short. As a result God has placed a growing urgency in my spirit to get it right and get right with Him. To repent! To draw close to Him to put away the things of this world, the ideals, the false teaching, the pride, the arrogance, the confusion, the sin! To give my life, to give my time, my energy, my attention, my prayers, my whole being to Him. So many, so many people who call themselves men and women of God are growing angry and are attempting to do what they think is taking a stand while their words of fierce anger and frustration seem warranted, it has become so blatantly obvious the level of confusion and lack so many of us have and are experiencing. We are spiritually bankrupt. When I see someone say we need to fight back and the way to do that is to fly our flags high, go to our courts, our congressmen, our president I am deeply sickened by the reality of what is actually taking place. We should be on our knees in deep repentance, deep sorrow, grieving and crying out with everything we have in us to the One True Living God! One of the headlines I saw today was "Four of our military men died today, what are we going to do about it?" I heard in my spirit: My innocent children die by the thousands each day and you have done nothing! Your anger toward each other and your rebellious heart will only bring more pain and suffering. You have neglected me, you have turned your backs on me and you stand there in your arrogance and pride and think that your words have value, they do not, your anger should be aimed at yourselves, you nation full of heathens and evil doers, especially those of you who call yourselves my disciples. You are the reason these men died today, you are the reason thousands of innocent children die every day, you are the reason - because you have done nothing and now because the evil has encroached upon your own house, your own land, you raise your voice, one I will not hear until you humble yourselves and repent!" All of these words apply to me personally. Every single one. This country, the U.S.A is NOT and I repeat is NOT a great nation and has not been for many many decades. Sure we have had great riches, great power and great recognition across the planet, but our time is up. The evil that runs through every state, city and town will be revealed and the cancerous sores that have been hidden away will be known and the people of this land will see the filth that we have piled upon ourselves and our children. If we were a great nation in God's eyes do you think for a minute we would not have His blessing? We have lost our way and purposefully neglected and rejected God. And some stand in awe and shock that we are suffering even just a little?? I am amazed at the complete and utter blindness that afflicts so many and so many more who call themselves Christians. Who profess His name but lack His power. God help us! God help me! God could care less about a flag of any type, be it confederate or one that bears a cross - they are idols no matter the story we connect with them. Its ironic that some of the very things that are causing division in the land, are idols. God could care less what your past is, He is concerned about your future and that future is in the very next breath you take if we are blessed to even have it. But yet, we fight and fight and cause division and confusion, discord and many do it in the name of Christ. What great blasphemies, what great sin do we commit? For any true man or woman of God, there should be peace and joy no matter the times, no matter the wars, the differences, the opinions of others. This is the time He prophesied and told us about - should we be so surprised? We should be rejoicing and pursuing Him even more, but so many are deceived so many. I am sickened in my spirit today, and many days - more and more I feel the growing need to lock myself away and be with God, to seek His face, His counsel, His wisdom - to continually be in prayer. I can only imagine the real anguish and desperation Jesus felt in the garden when He prayed alone to God, His Father. What a great burden He bore for all mankind. Lord, Lord, continue to open my eyes, lay bare my heart that every evil and detestable thing would be consumed by You that I would be found worthy, to be a light to the world, to seek you continuously and love you with my whole being. Crucify me Lord! I am nothing, nothing apart from You! Cause me to walk upright, to seek You for every single second of my life, and cause me to delight in all your ways, to love every statute and command that I might be made Holy through and by Your Spirit, to be convicted and sanctified that the old man would indeed completely and utterly die, that the new man would live and breathe! God forgive us forgive us of our great sin, of our neglect, our willful turning our backs on You. Cause our hearts to be broken God, that we would turn from every wicked way and thought and follow You!

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