Jul 5, 2015

Spiritual Earthquake for the Church

God has just brought to mind so many things from the past, dreams, visions, other warnings or dreams from others.. Jonathan Cahn just recently spoke about the apostate church and the division between the "two Christianities" which you can find a link to in my earlier posts of the day.... likewise God brought back to memory this vision or dream by Sean Starr from 2012. I am reposting the link here for your review.  I feel strongly with the recent events and ongoing division that we are experiencing, the time of this particular message is now or soon to be.

The good thing about the "two christianities" at least for me, is that it will become even more clear to those seeking God, who the True Body of Christ is and is not.  The division will become so stark there will be little question as to who are part of His Bride and who is not.  The choice will be clear, the clarity this will bring will be such a blessing to so many - even as we are persecuted.

God indeed will allow the foundations of this nation to be shaken and a line will be drawn in the sand.  I see this as a tremendous blessing because as the darkness grows darker the lights will shine brighter and many will be called to repentance and our yes will be yes and our no will be no!  No to a lukewarm life, and we will be set on fire for God!

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