Aug 1, 2015


Its overwhelmingly amazing to me how quick God can and does work in our lives when we humble ourselves and seek Him.  

Over the past few weeks, I have found myself crying out to Him with a repentant heart, with a desire to be liberated from many things.  He is growing my faith, increasing my desire to seek and know Him and to be in His presence.  He is increasing my knowledge of His Word and acquainting me more intimately with His Holy Spirit!  

At every turn, no matter what it is He has placed on my heart and mind, He provides so much confirmation and is a living witness to the testimony of Himself, that is alive and well within me!  

As the days and hours pass, I feel myself almost as if I am in a whirlwhind, that is growing stronger, taller, wider and more powerful - taking me to places I have never known.  I am filled with excitement and reverent fear of the One who loves me!  Who knows me and accepts me!  

I can't even convey with words this miraculous transformation that seems to be happening, I can't even describe it.  I find myself constantly speaking to Him and listening for His voice.  How I want to be alone witih Him always, to do nothing but spend time in His presence and study more, seek His face more, to know Him like I have never known Him.  I continue to pray "God do a quick work in me, circumsize every evil thing, every thing that seeks to exalt itself above you in my heart that nothing of me would be left, only You, only You! Set me apart, and separate me from all the things that have so easily beseeched me in the past and cause my paths to be straight and my walk to be upright, holy and blameless before You!  Open my eyes that I will see and ears that I will hear.  Seal my lips that I would speak no evil and no unclean utterance would escape my mouth!  Help me to guard my thoughts that no lust of the flesh or the intellect would deceive me, and keep my eyes on You Father, that I would not look away to become captive by any evil thing, ensnared by any plot the enemy devises against me!  Give me strength and wisdom that I might be a light to those around me that You should be seen and I would be hidden within, that I could not boast in any work, but that You would receive all honor and glory and praise!  I want nothing of this world, because it has served only death and destruction, but I want more of You who is Life and gives life eternal!  Raise me up with strength and wisdom, discernment and determination to serve You all the days of my life!  

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