Jul 23, 2012

False Church

I am on a roll tonight. I know God wants me to share these things, and so here I go. I know that when I share what I have in my heart - when it is empty, He will fill it back up.

I have had many dreams, some I remember quite vividly and others not so much. I can't recall the time this took place, but I do know that I must have been questioning God about what I was experiencing in "Church" at large (not a particular church) and the battles I was going through trying to reconcile what I knew in my heart was right, and what I was seeing or witnessing. Some things sometimes, just don't "add up" you know?

On this particular night I had a dream that had me floating above an old city - the only thing I could compare it with would be like Venice. The buildings looked ancient, some were in decay and their colors had faded. They were all surrounded by water, dirty water. In the middle of one of the waterways within the city (streets) stood an old woman. She wasn't pretty. In fact, my first reaction in the dream was "God she is ugly"... really. He (as He always does) instructed me to observe and just ponder, to look and take it in. So I did. I noticed what she was wearing, it was a sleeveless blouse or sweater like top. There was a pattern of fruit on the blouse and it looked like they were made out of frosty type sequins. He made me think of how long ago people "preserved" fruit with sugar. Things like apples and pears and how they had a frosty appearance. Then He told me to watch what she was doing and the expression on her face. She was in waist deep and she was slowly moving her hands across the surface of the water ....back and forth - and she looked at me - she had sort of a smirk on her face... and she looked back down at the water as she slowly moved her fingers across the surface. The smirk conveyed a message of mockery.

He showed me what she was...a false church,a false system of beliefs of twisted doctrine and ideology. She was a harlot really, disgusting and vile. Her face was wrinkled and she wore no makeup. Her blouse represented the "church's" obsession with preserving "fruit" i.e. fruit of the Spirit, but not God's. She was adorned with it...it covered her body. It was disgusting really. The fact that she was waist deep was also a mockery and her bare skin (arms/sleeveless) blouse was also a mockery. There was no life in the city, there were no people, they were no were to be found, because they to were "dead"... She was "playing" with what many thought to be "moves of God" or blessings... the water was a clone of sorts, it was dirty - but water all the same. It wasn't pure - and it was stagnant. She found great pleasure in doing this - and the movement of her hands across the surface was mockery.

This all perplexed me for some time, but God continued to give me dreams and visions and expanded on this revelation.

We must pray for discernment. Much of what we see today in Church, is far from what God intended it to be. He confirmed this over and over again in many dreams and visions.. I will share another after this post, but not sure when I will write it. Tomorrow comes early and I have to work!

God bless every person that reads this and I pray that He will open your eyes and heart, that you may see what He has shown me.


  1. http://www.wnd.com/2015/07/jonathan-cahn-end-of-christian-america-is-here/?cat_orig=faith This is the time and I feel certain that with the recent ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court the hand of His protection has been lifted. Jonathan Cahn talks about the two Christianities, or in my mind the two churches, one being false, which is what was revealed to me in the dream above. Its so obvious to me that most churches are not preaching/teaching the True Word of God, it is rare you find anyone teaching or preaching about repentance which is what every one needs, more than ever, we can never move deeper into a relationship with God, without repentance, but yet - we hear in abundance about the blessings of God, how He wants to prosper us and what He will do for us... but God forbid that we would be the ones who hear Him say "Depart from me I never knew you, you who practice lawlessness"..