Jul 24, 2012

Circular Forest- On the Edge

I am posting another dream/vision I had because I remembered it is in line with the theme that seems to keep emerging... that being - on the edge, on the fence, undecided, uncommitted..

I have no idea how long ago this took place, but as usual I "woke up" in the dream and I was floating above a large forest of trees. The forest was circular. God simply instructed me to observe. So I did and as I watched I saw storms coming, and tornadoes. I watched as the winds tore down the trees, especially the ones along the edge and it was only the area in the middle that was undisturbed.

He was teaching me again that we should be in the "middle" of Him. Just as it was in the dream and theme of the river - we must be in Him.. not on the edge. I think of surrounding ourselves with True men and women of God, and that doesn't mean going to church on Sunday. In fact most the participants in a typical Church service knows no more about God than what the preacher spoke about as they slumber in the pews, or while they are text messaging and reading email. I don't mean to say this to judge, its a fact, its not my opinion. When you find yourself in a life or death crisis and I am speaking spiritually, who do you call? Who can you depend on, who do you trust? God!!! Again we do not form a relationship with God through another. I mean come on.. did you get to know your mom or dad by an older brother or sister? If you did, then you didn't or don't have a relationship with that parent. There is stark difference between knowing about someone, and actually knowing them.

God was also teaching me about perception and reminded me of those that were lost in the wilderness going round and round in circles. If they could only rise above their predicament they would have seen the right direction to go, to get out of the wilderness. If I was at ground level, I may have never seen the storms coming and have no idea what hit me when they did. When we have a relationship with God our perception begins to change and we see things, people and circumstances as He does. This perception is critical to every aspect of our lives. Its the beginning of having what the scriptures speak of as the "mind of Christ"...and I say, the vision of Christ.

I had another dream that emphasized relationship, actually I think this was a vision. I use to work with someone who's name I will leave out and she had a young son, a toddler. I could see the great love she had for him everytime she spoke and I also knew of the great love his father had for him through her stories of everyday life. In the dream, I dreamt of her and her husband and their little boy. We were all standing in a field I believe and were looking out along the horizon, when at least six tornadoes came through - and we were terrified, except for the son. I thought this was odd. God simply spoke to me "Tim he has no fear because he is with his Father"... again God was emphasizing "RELATIONSHIP".. its through this relationship, and only this relationshp we can obtain peace that goes beyond understanding.... of course there are so many other benefits, but this was His message conveyed through the dream.

I have written about "position and perception" earlier in this blog and you can read it here.

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