Jul 29, 2012

The Daughter of Bablyon

America? The Daughter of Babylon?

There are 223 verses written by 5 prophets, both old and new testament.

All describe a rich, powerful, influential country. God calls the identity of that country a "mystery"..

There are 30 clues, 23 are identity clues, 7 arise out of the phrase "the mother of abomination".

"The Hammer of the Whole Earth"
"The Great Voice"
"The nations of the world stream to meet the daughter of Babylon"
"The center of world commerce"
"..rich luxurious country" 25% of the consumption of the world, we consume 5 times that of other people of the world.

The mother of abomination descriptions - Roe vs. Wade, we force other countries to change their laws to kill babies in their countries before they can do commerce with us. The number is around 143 million a year, approximately a billion since Roe vs. Wade. We lead the world in the amount of pornography that we produce... these are just a couple of clues.

What will happen to the "daughter of babylon"? Basically - we're toast!!!

We have not repented and turned from our wicked ways and God's judgement is upon us.

There will be great civil unrest, blood in the church, in the streets. Great violence. Fighting will take place within the streets. Great division is taking place now, it surrounds us.

We will be totally destroyed once we betray Israel. There will come a point and time when Russia, Iran, etc, will invade Israel, and they will cry out to come save us...and we, the USA will say "No"...

One day, one hour, one minute -

God 9 times in his word, says flee from babylon, come out of the land, come out of her. (I feel strongly this is applies both physically and spiritually - physically in some cases, but always spiritually)

"The End of America" is a book written by John Price.

This synopsis comes from a segment of the mp3 file recording of a gathering of "Watchmen" earlier this year. You can listen to the archive audio file here.

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