Jul 23, 2012

The Days of Noah

The second post in this series of New Beginnings: One vision God gave me many years ago, remains with me, and I am still learning from it. I have probably posted something about this in the blog somewhere, but I want to revisit it because I think it is very important to consider. I use to work at Chatham Hospital in Siler City, NC (The home of Aunt B from the Andy Griffith show)... I use to travel from Cary and cross over Jordan Lake. The lake would overfill every once in awhile and the water would flow into the forest. One day as I was traveling to work, the sun had not long been up...(and I was going through a very trying time in my life, probably the most trying time I had ever gone through - even moreso than the sickness and death of my mom which was a few years prior)...so I was seeking God diligently hoping to get some relief from the heartache and pain I was enduring. I was attuned to His voice. As I traveled across the bridge that morning... time seemed to stop and in what I know was a short span of only a few seconds - God spoke to me very clearly and asked me to "notice the lake", the water and ponder it for awhile...and as I did, He caused me to think about the "Days of Noah"... on the surface I am not sure what most people think of other than lots of rain, an ark and alot of animals! But what He revealed to me was the ONLY thing that made a difference during that time and the times we live into day. No it wasn't the ark, or the animals, it was the relationship Noah had with God. Think about it (if you believe) if it wasn't for that relationship - none of us would be here.

Ponder that one for a moment. You are here because someone had a connection with God. Not just any connection I might add.

Then He told me to think about the water... and how it had flooded. So I did... I thought about the creatures in the water and how they were in new territory, there were probably new things to eat, new crevices and structures to explore - they probably witnessed things, plants and other creatures they had never seen before. I could go on and on. Thats when He showed me how the flood was a blessing to Noah and his family, to all the living creatures that he placed in the ark with him. That in itself is a no-brainer, but God showed me how this curse actually was a blessing to Noah... it was the water/flood that literally lifted them up, but it was also the very thing that destroyed everyone and everything else!!! Get it? What was the difference? The difference was the relationship!!! God was emphasizing RELATIONSHIP... nothing else!!!!! The ark was symbolic of that relationship, something it took a while to build, something that started from seemingly nothing...but a desire to hear, to seek to know God. WOW!! I am still learning stuff about this vision.

We must seek God for ourselves, we cannot foster a relationship with Him through someone else. We can hear about Him, read about Him, sing about Him, write about Him, create art depicting Him.... we can do all these things, but until we seek Him for ourselves we will never know Him. Going to church on Sundays or any other day, watching evangelical TV - doesn't do it. We must we must seek Him!!

I must pursue Him with my whole heart, mind, body and soul...I must.

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