Jul 24, 2012

Clarity and "housekeeping"

A sideline post to better explain my position regarding these posts and as we call in the business world at the beginning of a meeting, a "few housekeeping items to go over".. .this is typically where you tell everyone to please turn off their cell phones, when lunch will be served, where the restrooms are and there will be a question and answer period at the end of each session.

Well, we aren't in a meeting or seminar - so these things don't apply but what does - is what I expect and what you can expect from me:

1) I will always tell you I am not the authority on any subject. For that reason, you should not question ME so much about what I share, but question God, perhaps there is a message for you in what I share, maybe not.

2) I will NOT debate on anything. Remember this is MY truth, not so much yours. If you want to adopt it so be it, if not no problem. This is why you will hear me over and over and over and over (get it) and over again-- encourage people to have their OWN relationship with God. He will use anything He chooses to reveal Himself to YOU. If that means what I write is used by Him to show you some aspect of His character, His great love, His ways...then the purpose of these writings has been served. None of it has any value without your own purposeful, intended search for Him.

3) I have no problem expanding on my experience, any dream or vision and certainly welcome any positive comments, or questions, sharing of your own experiences - true fellowship. But check your intention at the door. I have prayed many many years for discernment and I trust God He is capable of providing that discernment when needed. If your intention is to debate, or try to prove a point and its not truly out of love then it will not be received and you are serving no good purpose. If you know God's word and God Himself, then you know He disciplines those He loves... thats right HE does it - its His place not yours unless you are truly in a God ordained position of authority over me, appointed by God.

4) Lastly - I am wrong a million times, I am fallible, I am human, I am a sinner, I make mistakes, I am only here by the grace of God, and I will only continue to be here by that same grace. With that knowledge and truth - know that we are all "being perfected in Him"... not without Him.

Enjoy the posts, allow God to use what He will in your own life to give you a greater revelation of Himself... Keep what you want, throw out the rest. And remember... The Truth/God will show up wherever you look for Him whether its in the lines of these posts or the song the whippoorwhill sings, He is everywhere, always, in all times.

God Bless!

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