Jan 16, 2015


Its hard to keep everyone posted but for those that read the blog... and know of the upcoming surgery.. My platelets were to low last week for them to be comfortable with me having surgery next week. I was put on prednisone to boost my platelets and had an oncology appt this morning at the local cancer center. Good news... platelets went from 54000 last week to 176000 this week.. I am good to go for surgery. BUT... they postponed it one day and I will be going in on Wednesday morning. Its been an emotional roller coaster for me personally, but I am glad I get another day to better prepare mentally, physically, spiritually and logistically. While we don't know the root cause of the low platelets, its enough to get me cleared for surgery. The prednisone is no fun! It robs you of sleep..so I am getting pretty exhausted, but that has been coupled with traveling back from PA and trying to get alot of things done in a short time, along with several bouts of emotional ups and downs. Its all good. I can handle it and I feel bad for my family who might be seeing me at my worse and possibly at my best.. I can only hope all good will come from this. God is certainly working through our lives right now.. its amazing in some ways, when I think about it, what is actually taking place, and probably even more amazing if we saw everything from His eyes. Lord grant us a forgiving heart, patience, peace and comfort.. help settle the dust. I know when He shakes the ground sometimes the hard and heavy stuff rises to the top.. its ok.. we need to recognize what it is, and know its for a reason. What an adventure I am seeing this as.. I am constantly reminded of Peter and the storm... Lord helps us to keep our eyes and minds fixed on you, that we are not distracted by the things of this world - even if it involves pain, confusion, our own bodies.. You are Lord over my life, help me to always align my thoughts and actions with that Truth! I know I can never go wrong if I do.

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