Jan 19, 2015

Countdown to Coronary Bypass

God has given me a peace..about this whole thing. I am sure I will be a little nervous this Wednesday and tomorrow evening, but I have been so busy trying to line everything up - make my house comfortable for my dad and other family members when they stay with me... I haven't had alot of time to rethink anything. I hope tomorrow God will remind (in my busy-ness) to spend time with Him. I honestly don't know how I could forget. For those of you who who have been and are praying, thank you so much! The encouragement and kind words I have received over these past few days have really made a difference in my frame of mind. So thank you. In the meantime, I am doing what I love right now, listening to sermons, talks, discussions about various topics. Tonight its Russ Dizdar and the Days of Noah Prophecy Conference from November of 2014. Its good stuff. I will share a link to the first session after this post. This is extremely interesting stuff, but its not something you are going to hear on Sunday. I highly recommend it.

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