Jan 20, 2015

Lauren Daigle- Once And For All

Just discovered this tonight... and I was just speaking with God.. and questioned Him about the things I share tonight. There is always this fear to not "speak a thing"... but He said "Tim don't be afraid to share the truth".. never be afraid to share the truth. The truth is - we all will face death at some point in our lives, some it will be suddenly, sometimes not so much. I feel tremendously blessed to be going into this surgery... and this song is the epitome of what I have prayed many times in my life... to be able to lay it all down, including myself. To live fully for Him that others might know Him, see Him, seek them for themselves, that I would be yielded and transparent. One of the greatest lessons He has taught me, is the revelation of His sacrifice. What actually took place on Calvary that day..and how we must follow His lead to become living sacrifices just as He has for us. Its a tough thing. To realize we are the ones that must be crucified in order to have a new life in Him, to be born again. To stop laying our burdens down, to only go back out in the world to come back time and time again. While He is eager and lovingly takes on those burdens its our life He wants. He has already given us His. We are our own burden and when we willingly give Him our lives, moment by moment, day by day, year after year - that is when we find true freedom, true liberation from the bondage of sin and this world. That is when we truly experience the resurrection power through Christ, through His holy spirit that was evident on the third day. That is when the old man is passed away and all things are made new! God thank you so much for a love indescribable, incomprehensible that reaches down to the lowest place, and stretches far beyond the universe. Thank you for the sacrifice you have already made, and the the privilege and honor to serve you, to love you and to know you. No one loves me like you do!

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