Jan 26, 2015

Thank You Dad

Gosh I am so thankful for my Dad these past few days and today and I am sure many days to come. He is seeing me at my most vulnerable thats for sure. This recovery will be slow and emotional, but I am moving ahead. Its humbling to realize just after going through one flight of stairs and doing something as simple as taking a shower, leaves me completely drained with no energy - all the while trying to maintain bandages, keep up with meds, checking glucose, stopping bleeding, and realizing I simply don't have strength to lift much of anything... Thank you God for all you are, all you have been and promise to be, thank you for all the wonderful people you have placed in my life, especially my dad - who is comfortably snoozing and snoring on my sofa as I type smile emoticon. If there is one thing I hope I never ever ever have to do again through this process, that is to have chest tubes, they were the most painful thing about the whole procedure. I would have rather have a limb amputated slowly and fully awake than to have that kind of pain again... fortunately most people have no issue with it, but I understand that younger males who are thin typically do have pain associated with it and boy did I ever! I am so glad its over. Thank you all for all your prayers!

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