Sep 16, 2012

Oh God!!!

Oh God!!! My heart is crying out to you and I am overwhelmed by Your Presence, Your love is so great, so powerful, so indescribable.  I can't contain it!!!!  I want to scream it from the rooftops, to stand among billions and declare your mercy, your faithfulness your majesty and grace!!!!

You are circumcising my heart, you are answering my prayers, you are so real, so alive and so HERE!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you Father!  For you and you alone are worthy, so worthy to be praised, to be honored, to be worshipped.  How can this mighty chorus of my heart ever be subdued, How can any word, any language anything in all the universe and eternity ever fulfill its need to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

How can it be?? I cannot comprehend your great LOVE and MERCY, I cannot, I cannot.  You are... You are... so wonderful, so mighty so awesome, .... I cannot find the words, I cannot shed enough tears, there is nothing nothing nothing that I could give you to say Thank you enough.

Cause the nations to hear your voice, cause all the people of the earth to turn their hearts to you God!  That they might see you, even for a moment, that they would know and understand your Great Love.

I am so humbled, so humbled by You.  To be in your presence, changes me, conforms me, softens my heart, and breaks down barriers.  Your light pierces the darkness and reveals... It is indescribable!!!!!!!!!!!

You never give up, you never ever ever give up.  You love me so much, so much, I can't explain it but my heart wants to split open and pour it out because I can't contain it.

Father more than anything I want to be at your feet, at your feet, and just say Thank you over and over and over and over again.

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