Sep 16, 2012

Give God Glory!

Many who read these posts, hopefully have seen a change in direction and focus.  I want to share with you the most recent prophetic bulletin from MorningStar Ministries - Ricky Joyner.  This is also shared on my facebook page...  You can find the prophetic bulletin here.

And what I have posted on my facebook page is below. I am sharing a snippet of another post I just put up from Rick Joyner that confirms much of what is being said in this prophecy:

"Impatience is a main reason why some never receive their promises. Another reason why opportunities, great movements, and visitations of the Lord are missed by so many is that their vision is clouded by the affairs of everyday life. Few are able to pull themselves away from the clamor of their lives to climb up to a place of vision where they can see with His eyes. This is why the Lord rebuked those who could perceive the signs of impending weather better than the signs of the times. The weather affected their everyday lives, and this is what they had most of their attention on. To discern the purposes of the Lord, they have to be our main focus. We must truly “seek first the kingdom” in order to see its coming."

There are many of us, me included, that have in the very recent past, been concerned of the impending judgment and doom and we have spent much of our time and energy on bringing to the attention of others, the work of satan - we must stop this!!! This is only a distraction and while it is important to know satan's presence is real and his plan is to steal, kill and destroy - we must give glory to God! We must share the GOOD news and turn people toward God, and not be captivated by the sin and overwhelming evil that exists. We must! God does not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.Let us focus on the Kingdom of God, seeking it first!!

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