Sep 8, 2012

Reconciling Past Wrongs

God has been dealing with me on many things, as many of you know. But one of those things is causing me to remember past wrongs I have committed. It is important for us to go back and make things right and ask those we have committed sins against or treated inappropriately, for forgiveness. For many years, I tried to shun this responsibility by asking God's forgiveness and while He is quick to forgive, we still have to do our part. The enemy wants us to think that just asking for God's forgiveness is all that is needed. Its very easy to ask God when we are alone and no one is around to hear us confess these sins, for His forgiveness. We have nothing to lose...well actually we do, we miss out on tremendous blessings from God. Because its the guilt and shame that keep us down, keeps us from crossing that threshold that confessing our sins one to another provides. We bust the gates of hell wide open when we do this. Because we not only expose the sin, but we expose the guilt and shame and God's light shines in that dark place... never to be dark again. Doing this can be fearful, humiliating, intimidating.... but there is no condemnation from God. But its something we should do. It is a testimony to God's character and as we confess those sins and share with others why we are doing it, God receives glory and honor. So tonight, after many years of feeling guilt and shame, I have written a letter to an old friend. Someone I took from, stole money from. Not because I needed it, in fact I am not even sure why I did it. I have never needed any material thing. I just did it and I have felt bad about it for a long time, then shame and guilt kept me from confessing it. Tomorrow I will mail that letter off, and include with it a check - the amount isn't important, but its what God said I should give, and I know it covers the amount taken plus interest after all this time, and hopefully then some. I do pray I receive forgiveness. But I am confessing that sin and I am hoping that it will make things right, but more than anything I am being obedient to God and I seek no reward from Him for it... if I am the person I want to be in Christ Jesus and the one He says I should be in Him - this action is required. Let us all confess our sins one to another and forgive just as Jesus Christ has forgiven us!!!!

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  1. The letter is addressed stamped and in the mailbox! Thank you lord for bring this to my attention, and transforming my heart. May this wrong be right and may you receive all honor, power and glory!