Sep 11, 2012

The prison of sin.

This evening I had one of those quick dreams, sorta like flashes of bits and pieces of a movie. Typically when I have these, they are just flashes of pictures and while the pictures are flashing there is a story being told. In this particular one I just saw flashes of a house being destroyed because it was built in the middle of a curve. Surely enough one day someone came along, speeding through and crashed into the home, killing all seven of his occupants. I suppose the split second question popped into my mind as to why... and it was obvious the house probably shouldn't have been built there. But God gave me another flash, that if a wall had been there, all would have been well. Then He made me think of the wall that Sin builds in our lives. Its literally a prison. Then the revelation came - and while many many times I already know the truth in these visions - it becomes crystal clear with pictures. When we repent, in effect, we are causing the wall to deteriorate. We are no longer supporting it, replacing the mortar that falls out, replacing the bricks with more and more sin. We turn away from it, and turn toward God. We don't feed the sin, and you know if you don't eat you deteriorate. We starve sin when we turn away from it, and it loses its ability to captivate us, i.e. capture us. In a sense as the wall that surrounds us comes tumbling down, through our repentance and turning toward God, another wall is being created to protect us... we turn the inside out... our hearts become exposed and that's where God does His work!!! He really works on us from the inside out. He also showed me the impact of sin on prayer. Just as the wall was deteriorating new avenues for answered prayer were opening up. Imagine being in a completely enclosed room, with no doors, or windows just cinder blocks.. no light was able to penetrate. But if you could just get one block knocked out, then light would shine through, fresh air would fill the room and someone could bring you food and water. And more than any of that, in the spiritual, there is an opening for prayers to go up and answers to come down. Our eyes and ears are opened and those things that we could not understand or discern are made known to us. However, when we sin, those portholes, those openings and lines of communication are covered up, cut off, stifled. I don't think the prayer is ever lost, but the answer to those prayers may just be on the other side of repentance. You know? Repentance breaks down the stronghold of sin that has formed a prison around our souls. We must repent and continue repenting. I am sure He could expand so much more on this, but I am thankful He is granting me a repentant heart and helping me along. God bless you all today and all the days to come.

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