Sep 16, 2012

Thank you God!

I just wanted to share my gratitude for you God, here on this blog.. tonight.  The hour is late, or early if you think of the time, its morning.  I have had a good, day but at the same time there were moments when I was completely out of your will, and sinned.  There were moments when I heard your voice encouraging me to do this or that, but I let my fear, or flesh get in the way... they are both one in the same some days.

I am so weak without you.  I am so vulnerable without you.  Teach me to lay it ALL down...everything, I can do nothing apart from you, I have no strength apart from you and I can't make sense of anything, apart from you!!!

Please continue to crucify this flesh, this mind, this intellect.  Please cause me to rise up, as you rise up within me, to speak words of encouragement, and exhortation, teach me your ways God, transform my mind into your own.  Give me your strength as my own diminishes that you might live fully through me... cause me to yield every faculty to you Father!

Thank you for the forming of a repentant heart, and I pray God that you continue this work in me until it is complete.  Thank you for shining light in all the dark places and the continued revelation that you provide.

Thank you for the healing that is taking place in the lives of those I love, those I know of, and all that I have prayed for...

Thank you for my family, although we are apart, remind us each of one another that we would keep each other in our prayers and for those that aren't around, or in contact frequently, turn their hearts toward you Father - cause them to think of you and remember.

I am so amazed, utterly in awe at your mercy and grace.  I can't comprehend it, but I am so thankful for it.

What else can I say, there are no words to describe the gratitude that continues to well up within me.  How can I ever express it fully?  I can't and so I will be content to be at your feet all the days of my life, for eternity trying hard as I may to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I wish I could get on a megaphone and speak out to the entire universe, how wonderful and mighty You are.  How great your love is!  How absolutely magnificent and powerful your Love is!!!

Thank you Father, Thank you!!!

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